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Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk About Casey Anthony Case on KTAR Sunday Night--Join Me!

Casey Anthony Trial Update: Casey's brother takes stand after Cindy Anthony testimony

You're following the Casey Anthony trial, right? Who isn't!? Witty and thoughtful Jay Lawrence from KTAR Radio is. He's planning an interesting show on Sunday night (7p Arizona time). I'll be there and so will top tier defense attorney Michael Kimerer. Maybe Kimerer will shed some light for us on the defense strategy. In my own career, I remember Kimerer as the first attorney to start talking abut the problem of false confessions. By now, we all know they are a very real problem. But he was way ahead of the curve on this. This guy is very sharp and very interesting.

The finest coverage on these big cases, in my opinion, always comes from local sources. That's because the hometown reporters see details and connections and context that the national guys swooping in don't. There's none better than the Orlando Sentinel in the Casey Anthony case. The Sentinel's Anthony Colarossi will be joining Jay on Sunday night, too!

I'll be bringing my perspective as one who writes true crime books and attends murder trials all the time.

PHOTO:Â Cindy Anthony testifies on day 26 of Casey Anthony's 1st-degree murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla. on June 23, 2011.

Was Cindy really the one to do computer searches for "chloroform?" Why was Lee cut out of the birth of the family's first grandchild? What about those handcuffs and the stolen credit cards on the night Caylee was finally reported missing?

Please join us. I look forward to this more than anybody. I can't wait to hear Michael Kimerer's insights and Anthony Colarossi's observations!

No matter where you are in the world, you can listen in because KTAR streams live. Go to KTAR.com and look for the blue "LIVE-NewsTalk" play arrow just to the left and below the big red KTAR sign at the center top of the home page. Listen in! Call in! Or if you can't make it, leave some questions and comments here below!

That's the Jay Lawrence Show:
  • KTAR.com
  • Sunday night 7pm Arizona time
  • Defense attorney Michael Kimerer
  • Orlando Sentinel reporter Anthony Colarossi
  • True Crime Author Camille Kimball

7 pm Arizona time is 10 pm New York time.

Jay Lawrence Show on KTAR

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