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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Have A Winner! True Crime Book Reviews!

Thrilled to announce that What She Always Wanted: A True Story of Marriage, Greed and Murder has earned a Reader's Choice Best True Crime Book of 2010 Award!

Thank you to everyone who read the book and felt motivated to vote. I know the motivation comes not from my writing but from your compassionate concern for Jay Orbin, young Noah and for Uncle Jake and all the rest of Jay's loved ones. It means the world to me that these votes will prove to the Orbins once again that people do care, people do see Jay for the loving father that he was and people are outraged for the pain all of them went through.

I also want to thank True Crime Book Reviews for doing all the hard work it takes to get an award organized and launched. It means a lot of tough decisions and undoubtedly a lot of behind the scenes wrangling and wrasslin'. A special thanks to TCBR for recognizing the need to stand up for this genre and its readers, who are the savviest and most compassionate people ever. Thank you!