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The Untold Story of Soundbites Heard on E! Network 

Too hot for TV? 
What is it like to be up close and personal with this convicted murderer?

This is a True Crime Short specially designed for your e-reader.

This True Crime Short is the perfect accomplice to have in your hand after you watch Bridal to Homicidal...or any of the shows on Marjorie Orbin, including Scorned!, Deadly Women, and 48 Hours.

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Nothing substitutes for the whole story. 
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This is the ORIGINAL book on Marjorie Orbin 
"Marjorie Orbin & Me" is a supplement to this book. 
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*Also features section on Brandi Hungerford, from PRETTY BAD GIRLS!

The Serial Shooter stalks anything that moves. 
Man, woman, or beast, no one was safe.
A gripping tale of terror....and heroism. 
But one detective turns the tables on the mysterious killing machine.

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Short stories for when you want to know the end before the phone rings or dinner's ready. 17 authors take you on a globe-hopping, time-traveling tour of crime.  From Mussolini's Italy...to Manhattan's literati...and, of course, to Arizona's desert...these authors know where to dig out the murderous intent lurking behind the cake-baking grandmother, the charming fitness instructor, or the helpful upholstery-man. 

Makes a great gift for the man in your life...Dad, son, brother, sweetie, or pal...or sneak one for yourself!  Short stories for a lazy day in the hammock...just how tough are you????

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I recently wrote a column recommending the work of my colleague Kathryn Casey. I decided as a courtesy to make some of her works easily available to you here: 

"...no one—not her friends, the Navy, or the police—would believe her."

"...a twisted conspiracy of lies, rage, paranoia, manipulation, and savage murder that would ensnare an entire family—including two lethally close look-alike sisters...."

"...obsession led...a serial predator cloaked in God's word to commit murder."

"She tried to tell her friends. She even went to the police. No one would believe her--and now she was dead."


Camille Kimball is an Emmy Winning investigative Reporter.  All her books are non-fiction.  

Watch for Camille on such shows as "Bridal to Homicidal," "Wicked Attraction," "Scorned," "Pretty Bad Girls,""Debra Milke," and more. 

Camille needs fuel to face prisoners and is a big fan of nationally known Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ--catch her on TLC's "Best Food Ever," narrated by John Goodman.


  1. are you working on the Jodi Arias case? Her victim Travis Alexander was high up in the MLM world, a top partner in Prepaid Legal, now called Legal Sheild, I hear about this trial 1 week before it started via mlm blogs and postings. FB was sharing tons of links with tons of mlm'ers. (that's how I found out)anyway, if you do decide to write about her, then know you will have a huge, interested genre following your book. Legal Sheild is one of the oldest and biggest MLM out there and this I will share your link once you make it avail if you are doing the Jodi Arias case, thanks

  2. Thanks very much, I just do. Yes, I am attending the Jodi Arias trial.
    Please follow my live tweets from INSIDE the courtroom at
    I sit in the Media Section which is behind the Alexander family, across the aisle from the Arias family.

    By the way, I just do, did you know Travis?

  3. Hit send too soon. Would also like to say I would be very honored if you would share the link to my twitter page or to this blog. Thank you.