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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ricky Bible, You Should Not Have Hurt Little Girls

I know there are problems with the death penalty and I'm glad people are working on that. But I won't be sorry to see Ricky Bible go. Not one bit.

This Arizona Dept of Corrections photo shows him as he appears now, after 20 years in prison. He gets no stay of execution today. Arizona Supreme Court has told him no.

Inmate 043353  BIBLERICHARD L Image

**well, how do you like that? Bible's official photo disappeared after his execution. I should have saved it somewhere else first.**

I am very sorry for the family of Jennifer Wilson who will NOT receive closure after 11 this morning, when Bible will be executed in Florence, Arizona by a needle in his arm, delivering the cocktail of death. Hey, it's nicer than having your 9 year old skull bashed in, right?

The Wilsons will not receive closure when the killer of their daughter breathes his last, but they will receive the relief of knowing he will never do anything new to disturb their lives again. No new filings, no new obnoxious claims, no re-living the horror every time he makes a move and swirls more evil about.

Ricky Bible was one of those with an insatiable appetite for the most hideous acts. No one was safe as long as there was the remotest chance he could flee justice.

I am not sorry to see him go.

Pardon my dust!

True Crime Author Camille Kimball at the tiger park adjacent to the sweat lodge trial.

The e-tiger gobbled me up!

Hit some kind of e-jam and couldn't log into this blog for 12 hours. Not to mention I dropped my phone in water. Now my cable (i.e. my Casey Anthony coverage!) is playing possum. So I'm a little behind. I will post some new material soon. I've got to re-join the 21st century today!

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