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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sweat Lodge Trial, Camp Verde

At the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge trial in Camp Verde, Arizona. I can't remember the last time I've seen lawyers bicker this much. As soon as the jury left the room for the lunch break, defense attorney pretty much said if Yavapai County prosecutor Sheila Polk said the things she said here in California then Men In Black from the prosecutors secret clubhouse would drag her away in shackles. Will there be a mistrial at this late date? Based on something said in closing arguments?

Family members sniffling as James Shore audio from the James Ray event at Angel Valley was played. He wanted to "live life impeccably," and his family "were the jewels in his life."

Polk said Shore did live life impeccably because ultimately he helped others while he was losing his own life. She said, "contrast that with Mr. Ray's actions, who ignored cries for help--the student outdid the teacher."

Luis Li is up now. I gotta run back to court. (The statue of the cowboy is in the middle of town in Camp Verde.)

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