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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Face of Murder?

Betty Neumar  Special

This is a booking photo of a woman charged with murder. It's not every day we see 79 year old female murder suspects. Today, it seems, Betty Neumar went on to face Supreme Justice before coming to trial on Earth. Her family is reporting her death in North Carolina.

Betty Neumar was charged in the death of one husband, but at times there have suspicions that all five of her "better halves" were victims of her allegedly murderous ways.

Superb true crime author Diane Fanning had been planning a book on the case. I'm very interested to read up on all the details. The question of whether or not a person, especially a woman, can get away with murder for a lifetime intrigues me very much. Female murderers, especially of the Black Widow type, often know just the right psychological tricks to get people to think of them as vulnerable and innocent, instead of dangerous and deceptive.

It will be awhile before Diane Fanning's book on this case comes out. In the meantime, why not pick up her book on the Casey Anthony case? Now is the perfect time, with trial on. You can read it quickly and get really grounded in the case while the lawyers are in endless sidebars.


While you're at Amazon, why not drop by my books, too? You know Amazon is going to ask you to buy 1 or 2 more to get the good shipping deal, right? ;)


is about Marjorie Orbin. Her case was featured on CBS 48 Hours, "Diary of a Showgirl."

is about the killing spree of Dale Hausner, and the individual acts of heroism that defeated him.

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