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Friday, July 29, 2011

Marjorie Orbin Book Honored, Thanks!

Convicted dismemberment killer Marjorie Orbin was just on TV.
Just thought I'd mention my book on her was a
I was pretty stoked
about that!

Marjorie Orbin on the day the photo on the book's cover was taken. She's talking to me.

How Much Marjorie Orbin Must Pay

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The day the photo on the book cover was taken: Author Camille Kimball interviewing Marjorie Orbin in jail

Marjorie Orbin was convicted in 2010 of fraud and the dismemberment murder of Jay Orbin, the devoted father of her child. Many months later, paper work has gone through regarding the restitution she must pay and to whom.

To Jay's father and mother, her former in-laws, the court calculates $6,014.00. This amount, clearly, is not about how much Jay was worth as a person and what they've lost. It is about what actual expenses they incurred during the course of the case. And, even at that, it is not a full amount. The courts have formulas for these things. If Marjorie ever does make any money, these are liens that will be a priority.

To Jake Orbin, Jay's big brother, Marjorie will have to pay $12,200.00 if she ever gets any cash. Jake is guardian of his nephew now. Jake went to a lot of trouble trying to discover his brother's fate and then trying to make the world a safe place for the little boy left behind.

Finally, Marjorie will have to pay $8,539.38 to the person who lost the most, her own son. Noah lost both a father and a mother and an entire childhood when Jay Orbin died. But it is in his capacity as heir to the estate that Marjorie defrauded that Noah becomes his mother's creditor.

That's a total of $26,753.38

I am a little disturbed by a TV show that pops up from time to time. The show states as fact that Jay was "obsessed" with Marjorie for a decade. But there's no evidence of that. The entire Orbin family had never heard of her until her sudden wedding to Jay in Las Vegas. Marjorie loves to tell the story that Jay was pining for her for 10 years and that he pressed her into marriage. But Jay is not here to tell his side and the evidence of his alleged 10 years of passion does not exist. The whirlwind wedding in Vegas was far more the much-married Marjorie's style than the family oriented Jay's.

Marjorie writes to me that she is doing fine in state prison. The food is better than in county jail. She gets her beloved physical exercise. And she's confident she'll win a new trial through her appeals.  (peek inside the book here or here)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Survive a Serial Killer...

...well, this helps.

If you have read A SUDDEN SHOT, you know all about serial killer survivor Paul Patrick and his little dog, Misty. She is still going strong and lighting up his life.

Misty arches her back for her toy.
Copyright Camille Kimball
She is always on his bed and is very particular about who she lets approach him. After all, she has lost him for long stretches at a time. Paul tells me she is well aware of his injuries. She no longer jumps on him the way she did before serial killers Dale Hausner and Sam Dieteman changed him from a robust working man into a survivor covered in scars and wounds, struggling every day to make it to the next sunrise.
Misty gives the toy to Paul
Copyright Camille Kimball

Instead, she cuddles at his feet or carefully lays on his upper chest, avoiding the area where the 12 gauge shotgun ripped apart his lower torso. My visit with Paul this week was wonderful because, after all this time, Misty has finally decided I'm a friend. She showed off her playful side for me. And that was a moment of real joy.

Misty chews the toy...and inspires the man.
Copyright Camille Kimball
She let me throw her toy for her this week. As you can see in these photos, she might chase it out the room upon my toss, but when she came racing back into the room there was only one spot for her to deliver it. That hospital bed of Paul's, by the way, is quite a significant upwards leap for such a small pup. There's nowhere else she wants to be. I'm touched she finally decided I was welcome there, too.

Paul's full story is in this book--

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Nobody Was Hurt but the Bricks

At 9:18 this morning, a McDonald's restaurant in New Mexico got a bad surprise. Photos of this scene copyright Camille Kimball

This is the McDonald's on Route 66 in Gallup. No one was hurt, not inside the restaurant nor inside the GMC Yukon. The Yukon was driven by an elderly woman who, observers say, seemed to step on the gas instead of the brake as she attempted to park. An elderly man in the passenger seat was also unhurt.

Photos copyright Camille Kimball

The children's play area was a few feet to the left of the crash, but no children were hurt nor anyone else inside the restaurant.

Remarkably, witnesses say the McDonald's restaurant will not be closing for the day. The play area will be off limits, though.