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Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Needs A Glittering Gown? I Loved It!

Six months ago it was my "Oscar" moment. I received this badge from True Crime Book Reviews: my book had won!

The win came for my 2010 release, WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED. It's a non-fiction story about a murder in Arizona. A glamorous blonde woman, a sweet little boy who may or may not be blonde and a beloved daddy who can't seem to do enough. The story ends with the whir of an electric saw and a blue Rubbermaid tub.

Getting this Reader's Choice Award was very much a thrill for me.

And coming on top of a sizzling review by True Crime Book Reviews! Wow! I was so nervous when I knew it was under consideration. I admit to some squeals and high fiving when the review came out. (Click here to read the review) And then later the award! My book with the red cover had gone out into the world and made good. Neurotic and exhausted author can lean back and smile.

2010 was the first year that True Crime Book Reviews gave out awards. That was one year too late for my first love: my first book, A SUDDEN SHOT. I told the A SUDDEN SHOT community (you can find them at the FB badge above right) that the award was shared with them.

The two books are very different. I hope you will enjoy them both at some time. WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED is a rather straightforward case while A SUDDEN SHOT must tell a much more complex story. Click on either book cover to read the reader reviews or buy. Both books are available in both paperbook and all e-formats. Watch this space or join me on my personal FB page for more photos that I post from time to time on each story.

Come on down, join us!

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