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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Defeat the Heat - Join us!

Escape the Heat Tonight!

 Dash into the Poisoned Pen





Don't let the heat win!

If you've never discovered the Valley of Sun's most charming spot, do so tonight. If you are a long time fan, come out to the Poisoned Pen Bookstore and see what's new in the stacks then settle in for a unique conversation between 2 crime writers.

Jillian Lauren, already a NYT best selling author, has aimed her pen at America's most prolific serial killer. A man who killed his way across the continent for decades with shocking ease. 

Sam Little chose his prey carefully, women it would be difficult to track.  He sometimes murdered with such skill the cases were listed as "natural causes" or "OD."

Lauren stepped into the gruesome, body-strewn path Little left and searched for these untold stories. 

But she also goes directly to the man --the monster-- himself wheedling out his secrets and seeking the answer to that most maddening of questions, Why?

Tonight at 7pm I'll be asking her questions of my own.  We'd be so happy if you'd join us.



Poisoned Pen is in Old Town Scottsdale conveniently on the sw corner of 1st and Goldwater.

4010 N. Goldwater #101  480-947-2974

Jillian Lauren is author of the memoirs, EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED and SOME GIRLS: My Life in a Harem, as well as the novel, PRETTY.  She is featured in the TV show CONFRONTING A SERIAL KILLER.