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Need to reach me for a TV show? a speaking engagement? your book club? Send me an email at a s u d d e n s h o t (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m    (smush it altogether into proper format, of course!)


Is that a real photo on the cover of WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED? or just a bunch of artwork and a model? 

No model! Yes, it's a real photo! See more photos shot the same day and me sitting across from her in the posts listed here.  Also, see the real photo without all the artwork in the picture section inside the book.

Why didn't they put Larry on trial for murder?

The short answer is he doesn't seem to have had anything to do with the murder. The long answer is in the book. ;)

Did you go to the trial?

Yes, I did. You can see me in footage in several shots in the 48 Hours episode "Diary of a Showgirl."  Sitting behind Marjorie at trial, behind the prosecutor once or twice, on the courthouse steps (I'm the one in the hat--it was hot!).

What other TV shows are you on?

Wicked Attraction, Scorned, Debra Milke-the Documentary, many local shows (usually when I'm launching a book) and various and sundry shows from my past a broadcaster.  I also do radio interviews across the country. 

Does the murderer profit from these books?

HELL NO, NEVER, NADA, BUPKIS, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.  Got that? I do not pay for interviews and I do NOT need to get "permission" or rights of any kind from the murderer. These cases are in the public record. Period. The work that I add to the process is under copyright to me and to me alone.

Where can I get your books?



www.PoisonedPen.com  (Ships internationally)

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