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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marjorie Orbin -- Where is She Now?

From deep in my private vault--
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Read a short sample by clicking on the post "Facing Marjorie for the First Time."

Marjorie Orbin's full story plays out in my book published by Penguin (Berkley), WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED.  There you can find the details of her marriages, love affairs, and the awful crime at the center of her story.   But after you read the last page, you'll be curious about Marjorie now.

Inmate 250060 M ORBIN Image
Marjorie Orbin's glamour days are over. Wearing an orange prison suit.

She continues to live her life...behind bars. She's been out of the county jail for about 2 years now and in the state system. The last time I talked to her in person she was looking forward to the transfer for a variety of reasons, one of them being inmates are fed three times a day in the state prison rather than early morning and mid-evening (no lunch) at the jail.  After settling into state prison, she wrote me that she was "happy" there.

According to prison records, she has recently had a minor disciplinary infraction. In February (2012), prison administrators report they found her guilty of illicit "barter/trade/sell."  This is a Class C infraction which can be settled with relatively minor disciplinary action including confiscation, loss of privileges, or extra duty. It can even be "settled informally."

Even with the violation, Marjorie has also recently earned a reduction in her "Risk to the Public" score. She came into the system as a maximum level 5. This is based mostly on the crime itself and other similar immutable factors.  A few days after being found guilty of the "barter/trade/sell" infraction, she was downgraded to a level 4 in her "Risk to the Public" score.

Marjorie is currently doing a work assignment, according to prison records, as a "kitchen helper."

In the Maricopa County Jail, she wore black and white stripes, see below.
Marjorie and author at County Jail

She now wears the orange uniform of the state system. There is no change, by the way, in Marjorie's sentence. For more on that, see the post on her appeal: http://camillekimball.blogspot.com/2012/01/marjorie-orbin-subject-of-my-book-what.html

For a bit about Marjorie's attitude toward her then boyfriend, click on this one:

For more about Marjorie Orbin, look for the book with the haunting red cover!

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  1. I honestly can't fathom the idea that a human being could do something so gruesome and cruel.. I know there are bad people out there but.. Murdering and dismembering the body of your son's father like he was just a broken toy?? This is very disturbing

  2. Her actions after her husband went missing were odd and what initially made her a person of interest. Celebrating and spending money. Sounds like another famous case. She should have hired Casey Anthony's lawyer. They are both women who seem to be proficient liars. The stories and excuses Marjorie has come up with now are ridiculous. A truly evil woman.

  3. I've been keeping a murder file (appropriately named Beware the Beast Man) since March of 2011. The evil deeds homo sapies commits are beyond belief, and surpassed only by the stupidity of the offenders.

    This psycho was caught on camera purchasing the blue plastic burial vault. Reminds me of another inept killer who used her "shoppers discount card" to purchase muratic acid to clean up a murder scene.

    Predatory behavior is extremely common among the "most advanced" species. Flashback to Planet of the Apes - 1968

    Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

  4. Walter, great metaphor, "broken toy." I'm going to have to think on that for awhile, I think it's a great insight. "Gruseome and cruel" are also apt words. It was not easy sitting in court. Sometimes I'd just stare at her, trying to connect the lady in the twinset with the unspeakable acts being discussed. It's really, really hard to stomach.

    ValLynn, you propose an interesting scenario. How would Marjorie have fared if Jose Baez had represented her? Baez did all he could to leverage sympathy for a young girl who did little to justify such sympathy, but looked fetching and vulnerable. Wonder what he could have conjured for a middle aged stripper, who often radiated defiance and anger at the defense table?

    Anonymous, I hate to agree but it's true I will never run out material in my line of work. That's a very sad fact.

    Thanks to you all for coming here and commenting!

  5. This woman was a Sociopath. I'm not sure who was worse, her or my ex girlfriend of 2 years Jeannie Miata who ended up being a serial killer and was also a Sociopath. Jeannie murdered her patients from Oregon to Colorado to Texas.She got away with a murder in a Beaverton, Oregon nursing home. Jeannies mo was using insulin to murder her victims. Jeannie is now serving a 99 year sentence in a womans state prison in the state of Texas.The day that we broke up was when she stabbed me with a steak knife in front of my 7 year old son a few feet away at the breakfast table.Jeannie went for my chest but i moved and she ended up sinking the steak knife half way into my inner left calf. I'm wanting to find an author helper to help me with my story of Jeannie Miata and my son and i. I hurt my back one day working as a nurses aide doing a transfer from a bed to a wheel chair and i asked her for a Tylenol or whatever they had for pain. Jeannie gave me a 25 mg of Demerol. She was working a shift with me at Bishop Morris nursing home a couple blocks from Good Samaritan hospital. I ended up being dependent on Demerol a little while later. Jeannie would bring home liquid Demerol and i would shoot it im into my hips. I guess that it was a way that she could control me in her mind. There's a lot more to this story and we had a lot happen in those 2 years together. The police and news channels only know a small part of Jeannie. I did an interview with KGW channel 8 here in Portland, Oregon back in 2005. I brought them pics of her and my son and me together so they knew that what i was telling them was the truth. I froze up on tv talking about Jeannie. On my Facebook account i have 2 pics of Jeannie on my profile. I was just hoping that people would learn from what my son and i had to go through living with a murderer. I put the beginning of my story on my profile from when we met at a nursing home Oak Villa in Hillsboro, Oregon. Well i'll go for now.

    1. I worked with jeannie at Beaverton rehab for 2 years and I can tell something was off about her. She always talked about killing patients. But that she was joking. The last night I seen her she shaved her head and said she had cancer.

  6. Robert, your story is harrowing. The path of destruction left by a murderer is wider than anyone has ever taken the time to measure. While sympathy usually focuses on the victims, and rightly so, often the ones closest to the murderer also suffer greatly and, indeed, become victims themselves such as you being stabbed by Jeannie.

    I understand you wanting to tell your story. Many people in similar situations do, too. And that is exactly the kind of work that I do, giving expression to such sorrowing voices. It's understandable about freezing up when TV cameras are pointed at you. Your story is one of emotion and terror, who wouldn't freeze up? I wish you the best as you recover from this indelible episode in your life. And good on you for saving your little boy from such a person.

  7. Camille, my name, in this post, is stan. I have a couple questions that I would rather ask in via email, if that would be possible. I hope to hear back from you. My address is tazzy_d_33@hotmail.com.

  8. Stan, certainly. You are welcome to contact me at a s u d d e n s h o t (at) gmail (dot) com

    For future reference, there is also a tab at the top of the post that has Contact Info and FAQs. Thanks for your interest.

  9. I had the unfortunate privilege of knowing Marjorie as I met her the 1st day she arrived in B-200 on Dec.7 without getting into to much detail within days we became lovers, I really don't know what I was thinking, other than she had me at a very vulnerable point of my life. After getting a lovers keep-away put on us a couple months later she was moved to B-300 were we could only see each other thru glass, she wrote me many letters and told me many stories that were made up lies, she lives in some kind of delusional world that I believe she truly believes these stories that she makes up, she uses her stories like some kind of defense, so she doesn't have feel or believe what she really did...I still have some of those letters, but the majority of them she destroyed when she went thru my things when we were put together again for a few days in B-300. It's been a few years since of thought about what I went through while a was in there with her. When she thought I was going to testify against her she tried everything to try to get those remaining letters from me, she tried paying other inmates off to retrieve them and to "Kick Me A**" of course none of that ever happened. I was the 1st of many lovers she had in estrella jail, I'm happy the only thing she got out of me was a car & $600.....

  10. This is an extremely interesting comment, Anon of Aug 29, 2012 You have given people here an interesting insight they would not have otherwise gotten. If you have access to a Kindle, I hope you will get the "Marjorie Orbin & Me: The Raw Jail Tapes" True Crime Short and compare it to your own experiences in jail with her. And then let me know your thoughts via email. Or publicly, if you prefer. Thanks very much for sharing this. The image of Marjorie looking longingly across a room or barrier at a lover is one that has come to my attention before, via other sources. There are certain themes in Marjorie's life and this is definitely one of them.

    1. Dear Camille, I left out many details, because when I got out and was still on probation, Detective Barnes & the prosecutor at that time approached me and wanted me to testify, remember I was with Marjorie when she first got to Estrella so she herself was vulnerable and talked alot, Did she tell me she did it "No" Do I think she did it yes...Later on after listening to all her stories that she concocted. I realized many things about Marjorie, I guess my education in psychology also played a part in my later analogy of Marjorie. I was not your typical inmate, I was not a drug addict nor long time criminal, and I'm happy all that is in my past...which is probably why I haven't and didn't talk about her case, however I have followed the case threw out the years and read about you, and yes I will be reading the books you have written. The one thing I really did realize about Marjorie she is a Master Manipulator, and that's she gets what she wants.....

    2. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 8:26 PM

      OMG?! Camille, Really???? WOE........! I hope you email; me.I am loosing respect for writers now as this is total Bullshit. wow..I cannot believe what I am reading here. This is Just wrong and I WILL set this Record straight as SOON as I am ABLE! You actually write Biographies on Speculation???! Really????

  11. Camille Im watching the show "Scorned" right now & its the Marjorie Marqui episode wat I dnt understand thers A guy on here telling how 99% of men on the planet couldnt say no 2her but 1 what does that have 2do with anything?2 I have seen her pics on google believe me shes no Angelina Jolie.Shes jus a female thers nothing glamorous about her at all.She should be on death row!U can reach me at babygirlbk6931@gmail.com

    1. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 8:31 PM

      She was Faithful to Jay for a VERY Long LONG Time! They had an arrangement in their marriage that Marjorie adhered to, Until Larry came along! You Guys have NO Idea ! I was her Best Friend throughout the whole time Noah was Born. STOP This BULLSHIT! For ALL we Know it Is Larry who is Posting these Ludicrous Comments! Damn if I had time to write My Book! To Hell with you ALL! Such Horse SHIT!

    2. peice is spacial i know her wheni love her and in my heart still do.everthing is wrong.one person knows.larry tweed ex.

  12. There were a lot of things about this case that I felt were overlooked and I'm not quite sure that I'm convinced she did it. Just because she bought the plastic container doesn't me she can't be innocent. I think her boyfriend at the time needs to be looked into more. Dude tries to take on a swat team and eyeballs Marjorie in court for nothing? Seems strange to me. I don't think she could've done that to her son. The reaction in the interrogation room to the photo of her mutilated husband seemed genuine, not the reaction of someone who had just dismembered it. 48 Hours also never portrays the accused to well.

    1. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 8:46 PM

      Marjorie was afraid for HER Life And Noahs. Larry Shot Jay! Larry Made her Buy the Plastic Containers! Larry Plotted this Out. He Framed Her! He knew what he was doing! I can sense an abuser a Mile away as I myself was abused severely and escaped and my life has Never been the same. When I met Larry he was Jacked up on Steroids! He Controlled Marjorie as he was Extremely Dangerous! However he Plotted and Played Marjorie well, until he got her where he wanted her. How is it that you guys do Not see that a Tiny Petite size 1 woman could Not Possible Lift a 240 Pound Man and drag him to Cut him up and place him in those containers herself??? He Made HER! Damn You People! Just because she was a ' stellar' Choreographer and Dancer/entertainer you believe what you want to because you do not approve of what she resorted to for a living due to mitigating circumstances in her life to survive?? Larry IS Guilty, Marjorie Is Innocent! She was in extreme fear for her Sons LIFE! Any Mother would do what she was told to protect her son from a SICK Abusive Man as Larry! That's why I did NOT testify! When I met him he shook my hand and almost Broke it OFF! You Guys have NO Idea what you are commenting about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      There Needs to be a Re-Trial...OHhhh BUT, Larry made a Bargain with the DA , so guess what, he will be free forever, and This is our Judicial system? !!! Stop Condemning her, She Was Framed, and yes she had enemies who Lied during her Trial. Every Beautiful woman has Haters. Too Much Jealousy in this world.

      I am not a Coward. My Name is Lynn Sullivan McCrossin ... if I am Found Dead, go After Larry! I have Had it with being silent. This is Totally WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. He should have "made her" jump off a mountain! Uhhh Duhhh!

    3. Perhaps she shouldn't have gotten involved with Larry then, especially since she was a married woman with a child. It sounds like Jay may have been a pervert as well but that's usually what you attract in this kind of business, right?
      Why not admit - all of these people were living the wrong way and not giving a damn about that child. Marjorie is guilty of plenty of things - and even if she didn't directly kill her husband - she did things that caused the murder and all the HELL she is living in right now.
      It is so common to hear people say I didn't do anything wrong, or I didn't do it BUT they did lots of things which led up to the HELL they find themselves living in.
      It's the selfishness that puts them in hell, they don't consider others - like their children - they just think of their desires, their needs, their wants and their pain. I get that she had fallen out of love with Jay, that maybe he was fooling around on his out of town trips just like she was fooling around for attention. But no one seemed to consider Noah and his needs or how all of this would affect his future. Can you imagine how that child will feel? Prayers that his father's family can somehow save him. The rest are grown ups and they need to grow up and take responsibility for their words and their actions.

  13. I guess people never think of the results that happen from their actions. A lifetime mistake for such a small amount of their misguided attempt to make their life better for that moment and not reckonizing that their decision that pleased them for that one moment robbed the life of someone that GOD gave to them to live and pursue a life of fullfillment and happiness that everyone created deserves. Such a tragic loss of two lives that GOD made.

  14. Holy crap I watch crime shows all the time but this bytch right here was totally nuts.I was a stripper and I used my customers but shit to marry one or murder shit is crazy.This chic could have had the world if she hadn't been so greedy.set the dude up to look like he was having an affair and take all his money n company whatever! this was overkill something happen to her as a child something dark n deep for her to be this way!

  15. By the way lady you were good as hell on the show! My favorite is Candace Long and now you pretty freaking awesome lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thank goodness this evil soul did not win her appeal ! My hubby and I knew her in New Jersey, where she attempted to kill her husband Bob with a cast iron pan.

    She will kill again if she is ever let out of prison.

    BTW - Bob has disappeared! We figured she killed him at their Florida home and "fed him to the alligators" as she threatened to do...

  17. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with Marjorie and Bob. Just to reassure you, he has not been fed to the alligators. He talked to the Phoenix police after Jay's death and told them similar stories about her allegedly being violent with him in specific incidents.

    1. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 8:18 PM

      OMG! This Is Just Wrong! To Believe this shit by Anonymous posters and Inmates??! You know what? You guys Live in a Fantasy world. No wonder you believe everything you read. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I cant take this anymore. Enough already. I wish I could set my own problems aside and focus on Just this,and its Killing me that I cant right now..in time, surely you All will hear More from me. For now all I can say is, This is Total BULLSHIT!
      Lynn McCrossin NOT a Coward!


    1. When you do drugs, it gives you the idea that you are invincible and that you can do anything. They give you the I don't give a damn feeling and you do really STUPID shit thinking that no one else will see or hear. They don't even think you can tell they are on drugs. So, it's probably not that she was actually stupid ... It was just the illusions and lies that drugs give you.

  19. Thank you so much for your compliments. Glad to hear you like it.

    To answer your question, Marjorie Orbin did not complete her senior year of high school. But she has been a very resourceful person and has been able to think on her feet throughout life. Her downfall may have been more along the lines of thinking she had perfect excuses ready and confidence in her ability pull them off.

    1. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 17, 2013 at 9:32 AM

      As I said before( so sorry my posts are out of context, as yesterday seeing this all for the 1st time, upset me so badly as what happened at trial, did Not reveal the truths of this case.) Marjorie was the most Intelligent and yes, resourceful woman I have ever known. Just because a person does not finish high school does not mean lack of intelligence. Life's circumstances of dropping out, is not indicative of IQ.

      Yes it Was stupid to do all those things afterwards, but Guess what, she was being ORDERED and Threatened By Larry if she did not help him! He Made her. Why is this not OBVIOUS????

      Yes this is Horrifying and Tragic, and my heart goes out to Jays Family. I really Liked Jay, he was a great Man and a wonderful father, he was a Hard worker and was so down to earth, a very trust worthy man.

      Larry on the other hand is a Very Dangerous Man. He is the Sociopath. He is The Killer, He is the one who should be in Jail.

      I stayed out of this although it tore me up and as you can see by my frantic posts yesterday it Still is. I have not been in Touch with Marjorie since way before the trial, so she isn't putting me up to any of this. I feel safer as I have moved and Larry does Not know where to find me. There is so much more I can say, but I must stop here.

      Please open up your minds and take a Good Look at the Obvious. At the time of this incident, Marjorie was so petite, I think Barely a size 1. It would take a Huge Female Bodybuilder to lift the container he was found in, and even That is questionable. Larry almost broke off My hand when Marjorie introduced us in 2005. At the time I was Extremely strong and had been bodybuilding for 27 years. I can also sense an abusive and/or controlling Man a thousand miles away, as I myself had a Heavy weight Dangerous BF and was severely abused, and know the dynamics of their behavior, and the trauma involved emotionally and physically created by these dangerous men. As far as the hand shake, I did not blink an eye , nor did I flinch as he continued to squeeze my hand, I squeezed him Back! He was sending me messages, stay away from her, she in Mine. Do Not interfere!!

      Larry wanted Marjorie, he wanted to ADOPT Noah for His Own, and HE wanted to be in control of everything and needed Jay out of the way in order to Do so.

      Why cant you guys see that our Justice system is ALL Wrong?? Larry made a Plea Bargain with the Prosecution , so HE is FREE and She is in Prison and You All have great stories to make $ on! This is JUST Wrong as things are fabricated and there has been Many Liars in this case. Yes Marjorie had quite a few enemies. Especially in Jail?? Come ON...we don't even have posters here giving their Names. One Inmate posted here. I remember when I was In touch with Marjorie, her telling me that she was going to testify in court LIES, so She herself could get out of Jail early and That You DID, Didn't You?

      Marjorie May be guilty of using Jay to have a son she always wanted, and to get out of the entertainment business, but she Told Jay she would never Love Him, and so they had an arrangement that she would help him with his Business, give him a child and take care of their Home. Even though they had Money, Marjorie refurbished furniture and decorated their homes with little money. She was crafty and kept their Home immaculate. She was Devoted too their son, and went above and beyond encouraging and supporting him, especially through schooling and martial arts. Noah in turn was Highly intelligent , he was SO Amazing, and I believe he became a Black Belt at the age of 8.

      Marjorie Was a Great friend to Many, she was of HIGH Intelligence, and to this guy who cut her down in that respect, she would Tear U Up in a Debate on Any Topic of YOUR Choice!

      *** My post was too long, submitting a continuation after this)

    2. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 17, 2013 at 9:33 AM

      Post continued)

      All this said, I am only here as I am searching for Noah...But I could not Help myself But to Post. This is all Misinformation! I have regrets that I dod not testify, I have regrets that I refused to be on the 1st program, when I was Considering to go on E T.V., after the phone interview and they knowing this OTHER side of this horrifying story, they said they did not want this type of interview and that the trail was Over! Ratings??! Whatever...

      I am going to apologize to You Camille for lashing out yesterday..this has been hard for me personally and my children, and I have held my tongue for so many years and deliberately did not Want to know what was going on or being said due to critical illnesses and adversities in my life. This would have pushed me over the edge, and I feared for my life and my children's life.

      That's all I have to say... Take care.

      You will see other posts from me, like I said, out of context, as I was freaking out and did not read this thread from beginning to end. I think I got it all covered now.

      Like I said, If you find me dead, go after Larry Weisberg.

      Take care Camille, all my best to you..please email me if you wish to talk in person.

      Thank You.
      Lynn Sullivan McCrossin

    3. Really...How could Marjorie have introduced you to Larry in "2005", SHE WAS IN JAIL!!!! Im pretty sure we know who is real the BSer here....

    4. just finished the book. Not only is this a compelling story, but you are a top notch writer. I was a total Anne Rule lover (still am, will always be), have read everything she has ever written, prior to her death of course, but you are right there with her. Now I want to read all YOUR books. I would love to get an autographed book from you. Thanks for all your hard work and excellent reporting and writing.
      Shirley Naso

  20. After recalling the orbin murder and subsequent conviction I found many striking similarities with the arias story. Both these women, average in looks that they are, used their feminine wiles to lure their victims. In post conviction interviews they continued to use this same behavior. The woe is me, I am a delicate flower mentality. They continued to drag their victims through the mud. Attractiveness equals innocence in their minds. Also striking was the similarities of the two victims. Good, honest men who left behind devastated families. They both belong right next to adriano.

  21. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    OMG!!!! You Guys are Way OFF Base! So You Believe Everything you hear and see on T.V?? And I suppose you also Believe the Reality shows are Real & True to form?? God Help Us NO!

    I am so Sorry I remained silent ALL These years! Conveniently My Posts are being Discarded as I suppose the REAL TRUTH Does NOT Sell, Right Camille??!

    All I want is to be in Touch with Noah. He is the Only one I care about knowing the Real truth.

    Ohh..MyBad, This is Lynn McCrossin, Marjorie's closest Friend. I know this will get discarded from this Blog , as was my appearance on E TV was denied after they realized my Opposition to the Verdict. !

    All I want is Noah to contact me, at LynnMSullivan@Hotmail.com

    He WILL Remember me, and I am Certain that he would like to connect with me, especially now that he is 16 yrs. old and has the Right to make his own decisions. Marjorie did my Hair extensions for 7 years which took her 13 hours each time I required a Full head, with 6 - 8 for maintenance work. So, I watched Noah Grow Up and was Marjorie's Best Friend 8 years prior to going to Prison.

    Stop Deleting My Posts!

    By the way.. Marjorie was the Most Intelligent woman I have ever known( despite her education or Lack there of, had Nothing to DO with Her IQ!! Life's circumstances forced her to fend for herself at a Very Young Age, and since she had a Full on Background as a dancer since a mere child, yes she became a show girl. She read constantly and had a zest to learn everything she could and was a perfectionist. Her Life Was her Son, and she facilitated his abilities as a Martial artist. She had a Great heart and helped many women as she took them under her wing, changed their Life around as she taught them how to do most anything to improve themselves including writing resumes, and pursue alternative employment. Obviously some of these women, One in Particular( I wont drop Names, but if you are Reading This ' S' You KNOW who YOU are) turned on her and made money Off of this by betraying her.

    I could go on and on...but I have to get back to my own reality world...

    I guess in closing , I will one day let the World Know the Other side of this Unjust and Totally Fabricated Story of the life and times of Marjorie Orbin.

    Noah..Please contact 'Lynn' at LynnMSullivan@hotmail.com

    1. You're out of your mind. I worked with her as a dancer. No one liked her. She manipulated men, how is a mystery because she was nothing special. She has and always had a black heart !

  22. Lynn Sullivan McCrossinJuly 16, 2013 at 3:24 PM

    P.S. Dear Camille,

    No disrespect to you, as I know you did your best basing your book on truths, however there has been Many a Liar in this case, and No one wanted to hear the truth, even when I was ready to share what I knew.

    Like I said in a Previous ' deleted post' All I want right now is to be in connect with Noah Orbin.

    I would also like to hear from you, Camille, as well.
    much respect,
    Lynn McCrossin


  23. im her 2nd husband and i tell myself shes up there only 1 person has chaleng the love for her. love you always larry tweed

  24. phone 4074536203 lmft

  25. Lynn Sullivan McCrossin, you have proven nothing other than you were her best friend and it's a good chance you're speaking out of pure bias.

  26. Camille. the book was great!!!! Informative as well....I need to look for your other books. I found the ,"What She Always Wanted" at a small bookstore in San Antonio.I need to get back to reading,and your book help me do that. Thank you

  27. lo mas triste de est historia es que esta mujer desde que entro a la carcel no ha tenido mas sexo.....me presto para hacerle ese favor de vez en cuando.....

  28. Wow I recently saw this story on Deadly Women and the people that get my sympathy this tale are the victim Jay Orbin and their son Noah. He did not deserve this. If youre bored and disillusioned, seek counseling, look for ways to improve your marriage, search within yourself or just get a divorce. Women like this turn my stomach and I am a woman. They meet these wonderful men who give the moon and stars yet its still not enough, they always have to have more even if its depriving someone of their father or grandfather, or son, or brother.

  29. Lynn Sullivan McCrossin, you sound like you need to get back on your meds. Do you really think there was a conspiracy to convict poor little innocent Marjorie Orbin? What about the mountains of evidence against her? You obviously bought into a mountain of lies from Marjorie. She's just plain conned you like she's conned everyone else in her life. Take some time and read all the facts on the case like I have. Use your intellect about this case instead of your emotions. Marjorie Orbin has you brainwashed. That's obvious to everyone reading your posts. You sound rather pathetic in your gullibility. Stop buying into what Marjorie has told you. She has lied and manipulated you. Stop being one of her victims.

  30. Just wanted to say that Lynn McCrossin's comments are definitely biased and outlandish in nature.

    She's so fixated on Marjorie being declared 'innocent' that she's lost sight of basic common sense.

    However, just to be fair (and to alert Camille)...

    Based on Lynn's declaration that she's been a bodybuilder for over 20 years (and her repeated references to bodybuilding), she therefore appears to be the same "Lynn McCrossin" who's known as a famous bodybuilder (and former adult film performer) who lived in Arizona and is approximately Marjorie's age (Lynn was born in 1958; Marjorie in 1961).

    If she's the same person as the famous bodybuilder, I'm sad to report that she recently passed away due to illness (RIP 1958-2015).

    You can Google "Lynn McCrossin" to find more info.

    Having said that, I still think her posts about Marjorie's innocence are worthy of being challenged and doubted -- since Marjorie committed a murder and is not entitled to any sympathy. Jay was murdered and people should not lose sight of this fact.

    IMO......Buying that Baby Grand Piano for $12k just after Jay's murder is like a window into her dark soul. It clarifies what's in her heart.

    Good book Camille. Very good read.

  31. I honestly believe Larry had just as much to do with it as she did. There is no way she could have disposed of his body in such a manner on her own. Let alone keep her child out of the garage while she did so. Larry wasn't very convincing on the stand either and when they had him pick up the container, you could tell it was a fake struggle. He is just as guilty.

    1. She did it alone. Jay's remains didn't weigh that much after she cut off the head, the limbs, and all of his internal organs. Furthermore, she worked out constantly and was very strong. I believe she planned the murder months in advance and hooked up with Larry, a good guy just like Jay, in order to frame him for the killing.

  32. I guess if you're gonna blame your boyfriend, at least make your story believable. This animal had every opportunity to call the police, and run away with her child, but instrad she chose to keep it a secret until they caught her in her lies. Rot in hell demon

  33. How can Marjorie be convicted of premeditated murder if the Rubbermaid and cleaning supplies were bought *after* the killing? Why would she kill her ex for a "mere" 1m if she knew her multi-millionaire old flame was willing to provide for her? These questions aren't necessarily for Cammille but for all the haters that think they know everything.

  34. Anybody who believes Orbin's lies is a fool. She killed Jay all by herself. She had planned on doing it for months. Larry Weisberg was a nice guy just like Jay. She used him for her own ends. However, he had nothing to do with the killing. Marjorie had tried to kill Jay earlier by tampering with his truck. People think that Larry had to have something to do with it because Jay was a big man, but of course Marjorie chopped him up in part because it would be easier to transport that container into the desert so the remains would be found and she could get Jay's estate. Marjorie is a horrible liar, and her so-called friend posting here should really get a clue.

  35. Her so called friend appears to have passed away in 2015 according to a previous post.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

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