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Monday, March 5, 2012

Marjorie Orbin's Boyfriend?

You just saw a show about Marjorie Orbin on TV, right? You've got a lot of questions, especially about that boyfriend, I know, I know. You wonder why he was never charged, why police never fingered him.  Believe me, they tried....
Want to ask her the tough questions?
I already did.

See what I found out...

"Didn't she have something to say about her boyfriend? Exactly how long had she known this guy Larry Weisberg?
      'Three or four months,' Marjorie said. 
                 'He's using you,' said Lane. 
                 'Using me for what?' she asked.
Lane said Weisberg was a big guy, a tough guy, he must be jealous of Jay. Marjorie said there wasn't really anything for him to be jealous of...."

People often ask me if that's a real photo on the cover of the book. Yes! It is! I am just on the other side of the metal grill, asking her everything you want to know. See the same day without all the artwork and showing more of the "cage" area we were in by clicking here.  

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  1. If What She Always Wanted was available for Nook, I would buy it.

    1. I wish this was an e-book as well. I just want to say that I have bought all of your books and love your writing.
      However, the fact that you take the time to update us about the people we read about speaks volumes about you. You are very generous and kind to your readers for doing that.
      I wish all true crime authors were as thoughtful as you are.
      Thank you