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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Marjorie Orbin Juror Speaks Out

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With the airing of shows like 48 Hours: Mystery (Diary of a Showgirl), Scorned (The Showgirl and the Salesman), and others, thousands of new people are arriving at this blog every day. They are sharing their opinions in the comments sections and asking the questions inspired by the shows. I'm answering some questions, but couldn't have been more delighted to discover commenting here a source a level higher than mine in the heirarchy of the case. I attended the trial, but this commenter was part of the trial. 

We have a member of the jury speaking out in this post.

Although this juror did not identify by name, I recognize certain "insider" details in this posted comment that are consistent with the actual jury.  All the thoughts shared here are consistent with what several jurors did share with me face to face.  Juries frequently want to keep their privacy, particularly in a murder case. There are many reasons for that, safety being a prominent one. Serving on a jury in a case like this is a very rattling experience and I will absolutely respect this juror's privacy and anonymity on the web.

But if you have just watched one of these shows, you might very well want to take a look at what this juror has to say.  The juror addresses why Marjorie Orbin received the sentence she did and the fairness of the trial, among other things:

Hello from juror # - oops, I seem to have forgotten my juror number. One of my fellow jurors just sent out an email wondering how Marjorie's appeal turned out and I sent them all back a link to your blog.

We all agreed that the evidence of premeditation was overwhelming.

To kaleigh_harris1
[a commenter earlier in this thread--ck] - had you been in the court for the trial and listened in on our deliberations you would be in little doubt that she did receive a fair trial and a just verdict. Our concerns during the sentencing phase of the trial were, in part, the welfare of Noah and the possibility that he might at some point in his future life wish to see his mother.

To anonymous
[see clickable link above for thread--ck] who wondered how she could have moved Jay Orbins body to the desert - don't forget that she moved him in parts and that she had a ramp she could use to move the body up into her vehicle. Also, she was a physical fitness fanatic and was much stronger than you imagine.

One final thought that came to me as I was reading over the comments above - we did discuss the theory presented by the defense that pointed to Larry as the guilty party. The problem with that theory is that there was no evidence presented that would support the theory and it seemed to us to be little more than a distraction provided by a defense that had no real exonerating evidence to present.

Thank you, Juror #Oops!  I am happy to bring your insights to a larger audience. This case has received so much attention, that people around the country are second-guessing this jury's decision without enough information to go on.

Of course, a lot more information and detail is to be found in the book, WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED. It is available at libraries, on e-readers, and wherever books are sold. I add followup and supplemental information on the case here at this site from time to time. And what could be better than highlighting the fresh comments of an actual juror?

I do have several photos of many of the jurors, taken with their consent and well after the trial. But in the spirit of preserving their anonymity on the web, I have chosen not to post these photos. It has been tempting! So glad to be able to showcase this message representing the Orbin jury instead.

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  1. Please someone, tell me how on earth could one single person think she is innocent? That she wasn't the mastermind and the executioner? She was a stripper!! I know first hand what those women are like. My brother married one and her friends were the same as she was. You can never trust a woman who dances in front of strange men all the while shedding their clothes and having money shoved down their g-string. They are users. Money is their object and they will do whatever, whenever to whomever to get it. Don't ever be fooled.
    Just an opinion here: She was in no way pretty. Only thing she had going for her was her breast implants (hey, men can get those too) and long blonde hair. And you men, you fall for those two insignificant traits. You are easy prey for women like Marjorie Orbin.

  2. As they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." It's true that many do not find Marjorie pretty, even in her prime. But many, many people did. There are women who looked up to her and men who desired her. She was able to make a career out of her looks. Marjorie herself had some interesting comments about her own flaws in the prettiness area so she could be realistic or professional or self-deprecating, depending on one's own view. (p.s. I put those remarks of Marjorie's in the True Crime Short, Marjorie Orbin and Me) Thanks very much for visiting and sharing here, Anonymous.

  3. OMG I honestly can't believe that the jury felt that there was premeditation. It is absurd. Where is the evidence of premeditation? Especially when it has been made clear by even the victim's parents that he was NOT supposed to come home that night and got rerouted home due to hurricane Francis. I honestly believe that Larry was at her and Jay's home with Marjorie and Jay Orbin came home. I'm not sure which one of them pulled the trigger but I believe whole heartedly that that man Larry was in fact in the home when the murder took place and he was the one who disembered the body while MArjorie was out buying the items needed and used for the cover up. I believe she was relieved Jay was dead and just foolishly believed that they would get away with it. Doesnt anyone remember the recorded phone call with the detective when Larry was in the background and said "tell the detective to go f@#K herself... Or when the search warrant was executed and he refused to stand down and had to be tasered. He believed he was untouchable... I believe she should have been found guilty along with Larry but not on her own... A man who took anothers life and/or dismembered him is a free man. It is just wrong and I cant believe the district attorney defended not charging Larry by saying that nothing found in Larry's home was thought or proven to be connected to the murder... Duh why wouldn't they test fibers and hairs found on the plastic tub with the torso or test items of larrys found at Marjorie and Jay's home to prove if Larry was in fact in contact with that tub or JAy in contact with Larry's things while at JAy's house. It doesnt make sense. AT least there was one detective who was able to see these things. Only when he questioned the DA and or the lab he was dismissed then eventually i believe suspended. When a case like this ends in such a way it is very disheartening. It makes my faith and belief in our justice system dissipate more and more... I again believe she was totally involved but I don't believe the jury did their job... Im sorry but i dont believe there was any premeditation and the fact that she bought those tubs 2-3 days after he was killed proves that. Also, the jury should have been instructed on 3rd party culpibility and they were not. I don't think she should have her conviction overturned but why was Larry given ANY immunity at all? If he wasn't involved in any way and had NO knowledge of the murder what does he need immunity from? The DA made some crucial mistakes in this case and a murderer is free because of them.

  4. This woman deserved the death penalty. Whether by her hand or direction, she is no wilting flower and no one "made" her do anything. It is a blessing that the little boy was taken from this evil woman. He has a chance in life. Jay Orbin sounded,like a man that deserved a good woman. All he got for his kindness was death. She should pay in kind.

  5. This woman deserved the death penalty. Whether by her hand or direction, she is no wilting flower and no one "made" her do anything. It is a blessing that the little boy was taken from this evil woman. He has a chance in life. Jay Orbin sounded,like a man that deserved a good woman. All he got for his kindness was death. She should pay in kind.