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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New York Times sees Dale

Lead sentence in a New York Times article paints a picture of Dale in his cell.

I was there the day they lead him off to Death Row. He shielded his face from me with his prison paperwork as he passed near me. Don't know if that was for my benefit or for the pool video camera which was somewhere behind me. He seemed to love that video camera. But for those who've been to my presentations, we know that on at least one occasion he was hiding his face specifically from me. Will never know for sure, though, about that day who he was keeping his face from.

He did turn to the jurors who were directly across from me a few paces and thank them. Thank them for giving him the death penalty, that is.

The NYT article is not about Dale per se. He just makes an appearance up top. Seems the state wants to turn his care and all of Death Row over to private parties. What do you think? Is there profit in keeping Dale fed and secure?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Post from Crime Reporter

Check out hard boiled reporter Jim Thomsen's interview with me. Scroll down and see his interview with prolific True Crime author Diane Fanning, too.

Jim Thomsen Thanks to author Camille Kimball for an interesting conversation on how true-crime authors work — and on how "A Sudden Shot" came together.

Source: tinyurl.com
Camille Kimball, like everybody else in Phoenix, lived in fear during parts of 2005 and 2006 as the “Serial Shooter” prowled the city streets day and night, wounding and killing people and pets at random. ...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Moment to Thank People

A lot of work goes into putting on one of these events and a great deal of it is done by people like Library Manager Lesa Holstine of the Velma Teague Library in Glendale. Her facility is a beautiful one, in the middle of Murphy Park anchoring charming downtown Glendale. They do a lot of events. If you haven't tried it before, keep an eye on them and pick out one you'd like. It's free!

Afterwards, do like I did and walk over to Zang's. The best calamari ever and a selection of Asian dishes from Singapore to Thailand. I understand the mac and cheese (with bacon) is pretty dang popular for those with more American tastes. Owner David Chang--who speaks an astounding number of languages--will make sure you are happy.

Since we're in Glendale, I can't miss the opportunity to recommend you stop by Cerreta's Chocolate Factory when your day is through. Pick up a bag of lightly sweet caramel corn or be brave and get the jalapeno corn to see you through the rest of the weekend. Keep your eye out for Mr. Cerreta who might be stirring the chocolate himself just across the rail!

That's what I love about Glendale--a lot of charm and the people in charge right there taking care of you the whole way. Thanks for having me, Glendale!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gumshoes in Glendale

Homicide Detectives Cliff Jewell (left) and Darrell Smith (right) regaled the crowd at the Velma Teague Library as only a couple of murder-hounds can. My only claim to keep company with such exciting guys was on the big black screen above--the private photos I brought.

The investigation into the Serial Shooter involved well over 300 people so when they get together for these events, some times they are hearing each other's stories for the first time.

I was very pleased to have in the crowd Glendale Fire Investigator Mike Blair who also played an important role in this case. He snagged a book for Glendale Fire Chief Burdick, too.

Delighted to see KYOT's Melissa Sharpe sneak in, too. She's a real fan of the book and I thank her for this interview.

The fans are great. We even had one gentleman who had run into key witness Ron Horton a few times and had some stories of his own to tell, which had us all spellbound.

Glendale was a good place to be on Saturday!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet the guys

Pleased to report Detective Darrell Smith will be joining Detective Jewell and me at the Velma Teague Public Library in Glendale Saturday afternoon. Presentation begins at 2 pm.

Darrell is the critical link between the Wal-Mart arson investigation and the Serial Shooter Task Force. He came to know informant Ron Horton very well. Can't wait to hear his stories!

It's at the library and is free, but books will be available for purchase for those who wish them.


  • Sat Oct 10 2-4 pm
  • Velma Teague Library
  • 7010 N. 58th Ave
  • 623-930-3430

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Transcending evil--Heroes from "A Sudden Shot"

Have you wanted to meet Paul Patrick, whose story is inspiring
so many? Here he is. This is the guy with the roses, the guy
who never gives up, the guy who none of us can stop thinking
After you watch, you may wish to leave a message of encouragement for
Paul. You can do so here or click on the FaceBook badge to the right.

Thanks to my brother for giving up his weekend to shoot and edit this home video.
He's an executive, not a photographer but after reading about Paul, it was a labor of love.