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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Moment to Thank People

A lot of work goes into putting on one of these events and a great deal of it is done by people like Library Manager Lesa Holstine of the Velma Teague Library in Glendale. Her facility is a beautiful one, in the middle of Murphy Park anchoring charming downtown Glendale. They do a lot of events. If you haven't tried it before, keep an eye on them and pick out one you'd like. It's free!

Afterwards, do like I did and walk over to Zang's. The best calamari ever and a selection of Asian dishes from Singapore to Thailand. I understand the mac and cheese (with bacon) is pretty dang popular for those with more American tastes. Owner David Chang--who speaks an astounding number of languages--will make sure you are happy.

Since we're in Glendale, I can't miss the opportunity to recommend you stop by Cerreta's Chocolate Factory when your day is through. Pick up a bag of lightly sweet caramel corn or be brave and get the jalapeno corn to see you through the rest of the weekend. Keep your eye out for Mr. Cerreta who might be stirring the chocolate himself just across the rail!

That's what I love about Glendale--a lot of charm and the people in charge right there taking care of you the whole way. Thanks for having me, Glendale!

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