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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New York Times sees Dale

Lead sentence in a New York Times article paints a picture of Dale in his cell.

I was there the day they lead him off to Death Row. He shielded his face from me with his prison paperwork as he passed near me. Don't know if that was for my benefit or for the pool video camera which was somewhere behind me. He seemed to love that video camera. But for those who've been to my presentations, we know that on at least one occasion he was hiding his face specifically from me. Will never know for sure, though, about that day who he was keeping his face from.

He did turn to the jurors who were directly across from me a few paces and thank them. Thank them for giving him the death penalty, that is.

The NYT article is not about Dale per se. He just makes an appearance up top. Seems the state wants to turn his care and all of Death Row over to private parties. What do you think? Is there profit in keeping Dale fed and secure?

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