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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gumshoes in Glendale

Homicide Detectives Cliff Jewell (left) and Darrell Smith (right) regaled the crowd at the Velma Teague Library as only a couple of murder-hounds can. My only claim to keep company with such exciting guys was on the big black screen above--the private photos I brought.

The investigation into the Serial Shooter involved well over 300 people so when they get together for these events, some times they are hearing each other's stories for the first time.

I was very pleased to have in the crowd Glendale Fire Investigator Mike Blair who also played an important role in this case. He snagged a book for Glendale Fire Chief Burdick, too.

Delighted to see KYOT's Melissa Sharpe sneak in, too. She's a real fan of the book and I thank her for this interview.

The fans are great. We even had one gentleman who had run into key witness Ron Horton a few times and had some stories of his own to tell, which had us all spellbound.

Glendale was a good place to be on Saturday!

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