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Friday, December 28, 2012

Brandi Hungerford: A "Pretty Bad Girl."

Crime writer Camille Kimball on set for Pretty Bad Girls on ID
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Show: Pretty Bad Girls
Episode title: Hungry Heart
Main character: Brandi Hungerford
Network: Investigation Discovery
Date: Friday, December 28, 2012


 Tonight, Friday December 28, 2012, Investigation Discovery debuts a new episode on Brandi Hungerford.  That's me, getting set up for my interview with the "Pretty Bad Girls" crew.

Brandi was one of those petite young women with thick long hair that makes them a "10" for a lot of admirers.  She started off her adventure into adulthood after high school with a short-lived attempt at higher education. She quickly turned to stripping instead.

And a highly dangerous form of stripping, at that. Brandi was paid to visit men privately, often in a hotel room, where she'd do her dance while the man often, ahem, kept his hands to himself, so to speak.

Or not. Only Brandi really knows what went on between her and her clients.

Robert Donald Lemke II
Robert Donald Lemke II

While Brandi played the vixen for lonely men, she herself fell under the spell of another skin trade worker, Robert Lemke.  Lemke was an aggressive young man with plans and schemes and very bulky muscles. Their attraction for each other was intense.

While these two were taking their clothes off and bumping and grinding away for hire, television sets all around the area of Tempe, Arizona and surrounding Phoenix communities were regularly blaring out commercials for auto glass replacement. The beaming face of entrepreneur Rick Chance would offer you a substantial batch of free restaurant meals, if only you'd allow him to replace your windshield when it caught a rock.

Rick was a born salesman, an idea man, a pursuer of dreams. And his hard work had brought him quite a comfortable lifestyle.

Rick was never one to stay in the same gear for long. By the time Brandi Hungerford crossed his path, Rick had set his sights on the jewelry business.

In a scheme notable for both its brutality and its clownish errors, Rick Chance would lose his life to this pair, his corpse discovered in a hotel room by maids, a briefcase full of jewelry dribbling clues as police chased Brandi and Robert on the lam to the Pacific Northwest.

I'll let Pretty Bad Girls fill you in on the rest of the story.

Brandi happens to make an appearance in my book, WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED, which is about Marjorie Orbin. Brandi, housed in the same jail for awhile, became a lesbian lover of convicted dismemberment murderer Marjorie. And then, this girl who marched boldly into hotel rooms of strange men and plotted a murder of her own, became afraid of Marjorie. 

When Pretty Bad Girls came to town, they set up a green screen while we talked. So we can expect some fancy post-production effects. I rather expect some actors will be playing out my words behind my head while I speak. I do hope I was coherent. In order to keep the sound quality pristine, the crew turned off the air conditioning!  This was in the summer time in Phoenix. It's a wonder they didn't have to call an ambulance for me by the time we were through.  A business suit, a small room, and TV lights do not mix well with unabated heat!