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Friday, March 30, 2012

Can James Arthur Ray Read or Not?

Bestselling author can read, says State of Arizona
James Arthur Ray, formerly a guest of Oprah and Larry King, is now a guest of the State of Arizona after having been conviced of three counts of Negligent Homicide. These three deaths occurred when Ray, a star child of  “The Secret” movement, conducted a sweat-lodge-as-endurance-test near Sedona.

A questioner writes in about Ray’s literacy status.  So I asked the Department of Corrections to clarify Ray’s literacy status. I’m grateful to Bill Lamoreaux of DOC for providing this very prompt answer.

Lamoreaux writes to me:

    “This inmate has taken the standard Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) that all new inmates must take in order to determine if they meet the state statute-mandated 8th grade level of functional literacy. This inmate has met this standard.”

Ray’s  prison records also show certain ratings marked by his “work assignment” in Functional Literacy. There are two Ns and an S. At the end of December, his first month in prison, an N. At the end of January, an S. The end of February brought him another N.

Lamoreaux explains what those codes mean:
    “As for the ‘N’ and ‘S’, those are more commonly used as a performance rating on work assignments. ADC policy #903 defines the codes:

    1.5 Evaluation Ratings - the following disignators shall be used to identify an inmate’s performance.

    1.5.2 Satisfactory (S) - An inmate’s performance, attendance and attitude meets average expectations for the Work or Self Improvement program assignment. If one of the components (performance, attendance, or attitude) is deficient while the others are considered average or beyond average, the rating may be considered Satisfactory.  If an inmate’s attendance is deficient based on verified medical or mental health issues and there are no other deficiencies in performance or attitude, the inmate shall be considered satisfactory.

    1.5. None (N) - An inmate was assigned to, but as not in attendance in the work or program assignment for any portion of the assigned period (e.g., medical lay-in, temporary absent, etc.)”

So Ray got two “Ns” and “S” in his Functional Literacy assignment. It may be interesting to those who followed this case that he did have the opportunity to earn an “E.”

E stands for “Exceeds.” It is awarded to an inmate when performance, attendance and attitude all shoot past average expectations for the assignment.

Mr. “Play Full On!” has not yet earned any Es that we know of.

But then, he hasn’t earned any Us either.

“U” stands for “Unsatisfactory.”  Two or more of the three evaluation areas fall below expectations? Slap a U on it.  If just one of the three falls so low that it “overwhelms the others” (which may still be in good standing).

So now we know two things:
1) James Arthur Ray has already met his state mandated Functinal Literacy requirements
2) James Arthur Ray is an average performer in prison.

Thanks much for asking. If I get further details, I will post them.


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  1. One word: schadenfreude.

  2. Camille, hey! Thanks for following this case. I met James a few years ago and when I heard of his ordeal I've felt compelled to write him.
    So I have, I still have the letter as I wasn't sure where he was being housed. I came back to this desire and...ta daaa! Here is the info I've needed....
    So thank you!

  3. Always glad to be of service. Let us know what he says if he writes back. Thanks.

  4. Hi Camille, I'm from Brazil and was searching for some news about James Ray situation nowadays and I've notice your blog... so, thank you for posting.

  5. Dear Anon Sep 17, I love your note! I'm facing south and waving hi back. Hope to see you here again.

  6. I worked for this fool for 3 months in 2003. The "stuff" that has been written about him is all true. He is so fake. He would inject himself with testosterone and steroids and seemed to be in to drugs. I hated to see that he killed people....and I know he truly does not care about them and only used them. He definitely used his "warriors" who had $ to spend and burn. He deserves to be in jail....I was hoping for a lot longer.

    1. That's trippy! I also worked for this arse for a very brief spell, sometime also around 2003 give or take a year. I was only there for a couple of weeks because it was pretty obvious to me that he was a control freak who only wanted sheeple around him. He kept pushing to leave shoes off outside his Carlsbad office and pestering me on why I ate meat. Not the kind I tend to get along swimmingly with. Haw! I was going to wait to get another job first before I left JRI but I recall the look in his eyes he shot my way when I made a comment on how he used old carny tricks at his seminars to fool people into believing they were doing something special. Oh if looks could kill! I quit the next morning after reflecting on that and seeing a co-worker arrive back from a Warrior event with a freshly shaved head singing James praises after previously thinking him a quack just as I did. Sorry to see people died under his watch, but it wasn't surprising.

  7. I also worked for James, and remember the "no shoes in the 'DoJo' (office) as he referred to it as, in Carlsbad. I probably worked there about the same time as the person in the posting above this one. My family and friends thought that that was CRRAZY, but I had an open mind, and took it in stride. I only worked for him for a brief time, myself. I remember a lunch that we (the office) had. Everyone was seated in specific placings, he talked about a ritual he does before he eats his meals, his trips, seminars, and experiences in various exotic/ meditational locations, etc. I found him intreguing and CONFIDENT, but he was typically pleasant to me. He showed concern that he could only offer me part time work,knowing that I was a single mother (at the time), was very nice while we interviewed. He seemed to really care that I would be able to financially swing it. The job was not exactly what I was use to, and it didn't work out, in the end, but even as I departed he was pleasant to me, and we had a good conversation before I left. The girls in the office were not as cordial, I will admit, some pretty catty, and some just plain rude. Upon my leaving James presented me with a book, that he signed for me, telling me that "one day I will be glad that I had it because BIG things were happening!" A few months ago (this is currently October 2012), for some strange reason, I had this odd feeling to look him up. I wanted to see if he had acheived his success. Long story short, I was SHOCKED to see what had transpired. What a tragedy all around. Just absolutely devestating. I have been looking high and low for the book that I would be "glad that I had", but I seemed to have misplaced it.

  8. I attended one of Ray's weekend seminars in August 2007, in Las Vegas. James was quite charismatic and I found a good portion of the information presented to be valuable, so I felt as though I got what I paid for. However, I was both displeased and disgusted. I was displeased with James because in spite of his charisma, his lack of sincerity was overwhelming. I was disgusted by the "band-wagon" mentality of the other attendees. There was so much yeah, yeah, yeah and rah, rah, rah head nodding hoopla going on from supposed mature adults, I wanted to throw-up. Before the seminar even began, there were a few hundred people gathered outside the door and were chanting, jumping, pushing and shoving and basically acting like a bunch of teenage girls who were wanting to get in to see Elvis or Mick. I couldn't believe it. None of these people were under his "supposed spell" because they hadn't even seen him yet. They were acting like this because they thought it was fun, they thought it would lead them to their 15 minutes of fame and because they were sheep and following in others footsteps.

    I am quite familiar with Arizona law and I followed the trial. Even though I did not particularly like James, I believe his trial was a farce and he was completely railroaded. The behavior of the prosecution and the Judge's tolerance of that behavior were a true travesty to the entire judicial system. If you have to break the law to enforce the law, it becomes really difficult to decide who the real criminal is.

  9. Apparently, the State of Arizona's spelling skills are also a bit suspicious. In fact, they may not be qualified to judge James' or anyone else's level of literacy. In section 1.5 above, the word is properly spelled "designations", not as shown.

  10. Why revel in someone's misfortune? Some people here seem glad he was sent to prison. Anyway, it appears he is out now. I hope he can find peace as well as the families of the deceased. Thanks Camille, for providing this information.