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Thursday, July 21, 2011

TV Show Brings Book Characters to Life

The TV show based on my book, A SUDDEN SHOT, is airing today (July 21). 8 pm New York time, 5 pm Arizona (California).

In the show you can see Dale Hausner from police video on the night he was arrested. You also see the detectives who built the case that closed in around him. And you see the amazing people who survived his attack or lost a loved one to him. Oh, you also see me. That photo to the right where I'm caught mid-word is from this show. :)

The show is called Wicked Attraction. The episode is called Shoot to Thrill. It airs on the Investigation Discovery network (same channel with The Paula Zahn Show. Check here for your listings.
Paul Patrick called me this morning 1) to make sure I knew it would be on and 2) to ask me to thank everyone for their prayers and love. That's a photo of him with the Wicked Attraction crew on the day they filmed him. His story is a doozy and all the best details--including his mysterious disappearance at trial--are in A SUDDEN SHOT.

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In Wicked Attraction, you get to hear his voice and see how he is doing now. Like the show? Friend him on Facebook after! He'd love it!

In this photo, Tolleson Detective Ron Rock, in the orange shirt, watches while wild burro wrangler Stan Wilkinson takes his turn on camera. Buddy the Famous Burro keeps a close eye! However! This scene got left on the cutting room floor. The only place you'll evidence of it is here. :)

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