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Friday, July 29, 2011

Marjorie Orbin Book Honored, Thanks!

Convicted dismemberment killer Marjorie Orbin was just on TV.
Just thought I'd mention my book on her was a
I was pretty stoked
about that!

Marjorie Orbin on the day the photo on the book's cover was taken. She's talking to me.


  1. I do not believe she did this crime. I believe that guy did it. I believe no woman would dismember a human body. Its no doubt she bought the containers...but I believe that is all.

    1. Well maybe you dont believe that a woman can dismember a body, but in reality, it does happen.

  2. It is shocking, isn't it? Definitely hard to believe. Sadly, we have two other cases in Arizona that proves women can and do dismember. You can learn about these cases in my book about Marjorie, WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED.

    Currently in the news in North Carolina we have a woman who dismembered a little girl, Zahra Baker. How horrible is that? But she led police to the body parts so it's hard to believe Elisa Baker is not the perpetrator. There are many facts that lead police--and a jury of her peers--to believe that Marjorie did the same to Jay Orbin , too.

    As for the boyfriend, Larry Weisberg, many facts led away from him. The story is really in the details--which they don't have time for on TV.

    Glad you found this site!

    p.s. the book is only $7.99 -- same as lunch at a drive-thru but no calories!

  3. Let's see...if I remove the typo up there, it removes the whole comment and leaves a mysterious and ominous "comment removed by author."

    Or is it better to just note down here that there should be no "s" on "proves" up there?

    Or should I just ignore the whole thing?


  4. This lady did this...she is a habitual liar and it is blatantly obvious. Her "video diary" didn't help her because she is so fake and her sorrow was so overwhelmingly forced...she tried pulling that whole "abused woman" thing...amazing how convenient that is for someone to pull out. She's guilty; that's all there is too it

  5. Well, she is certainly planning to prevail upon appeal. There were so many problems with her trial, who knows what will happen? As for abuse, she told the jury that Jay was her "best friend." It's kind of hard to call that one back, no matter what she says on TV. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

  6. I think Larry Weisberg was heavily involved in Jay's murder too. The fact is, the detectives let Larry off the hook too easily. They should've done a thorough investivation on Larry; polygraph him, and so forth!

  7. Anon Mar 4, A very thorough investigation on Larry Weisberg was done. You might be interested in this post. BehindTheScenes Thanks for giving your opinion here.