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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pardon my dust!

True Crime Author Camille Kimball at the tiger park adjacent to the sweat lodge trial.

The e-tiger gobbled me up!

Hit some kind of e-jam and couldn't log into this blog for 12 hours. Not to mention I dropped my phone in water. Now my cable (i.e. my Casey Anthony coverage!) is playing possum. So I'm a little behind. I will post some new material soon. I've got to re-join the 21st century today!

Please browse around for my recent postings and photos from the James Ray sweat lodge trial and other murder cases. Or join me on Facebook. Personal page, or A Sudden Shot page. Glad to have you!

Psssst! For more about that tiger and its relation to the sweat lodge trial, see "Stark Country, Hot Justice"

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