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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

James Ray is Guilty in Camp Verde

Guilty. Three times. Negligent Homicide.

James Arthur Ray's attorney, Luis Li, grabbed the man's shoulder in a gesture of hope and triumph when the first words were read, "Not guilty."

But that was of the greater charger, Reckless Manslaghter.

A moment later, Li's grasp turned to one of solace as the clerk read out the jury's judgement--
Guilty of Negligent Homicide of Kirby Brown. The pattern repeated itself for the next two names, Liz Neuman and James Shore.

I snapped this photo just after the verdict. Mr. Neuman is in the blue shirt and tie.

The row of loved ones of the dead victims at the front of the courtroom had stood up with their hands clasped, forming a chain of grief and hope, as the jury came into the room.

Afterward, they came outside and faced the media. The man married to Liz Neuman for 23 years, told the assembled reporters and producers that "justice has been served." He had called their children and all were gratified by the verdict. The attorneys are still under a gag order and therefore did not speak to the cameras.

The trial moves into its aggravation phase next week. The jury is still empaneled. Ray is NOT in custody. He remains free on bond until he is sentenced. Or that's how they left it today. Things change--this is court!

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