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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diary of a Showgirl

WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED author Camille Kimball visiting Marjorie Orbin in jail.
Photo by Patrick Millikin

The CBS 48 Hours Show on Marjorie Orbin re-aired this weekend. The episode is called "Diary of a Showgirl."

Their episode had an impact on the case, especially because of what Det. Dave Barnes said about "untested hairs." The show is an excellent opportunity to hear the voices and really get the personalities of the people involved, especially Marjorie Orbin herself.

But the show has to stop after one hour and there is so much more! If you are interested in the untested hairs, I answer all the questions in my book What She Always Wanted. My book also has a lot more in it about Det. Barnes himself and how his troubles affected Marjorie's trial.

Here is one of my own photos of Marjorie Orbin. You can see my notebook, but just on the other side of my elbow is my tape recorder, too. Everything she ever said to me is preserved either on tape or in a letter. Lots of 'em.

(and here's Diary of a Showgirl http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5729188n )

Many of the visitors to this blog are from far, far away! So glad to have you! If you have been unable to get my books in your own country, the wonderful Scottsdale bookstore The Poisoned Pen will ship internationally. They'd love to hear from you! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=782124863

Stupid Little Stuff from an Author's Life Below. ;)

CBS was shooting their story at the same time I was working on my book. I often sat next to CBS correspondent Peter Van Sant or CBS producer Cindy Cesare. But mostly I sat near Marjorie! In their finished piece, it's kind of fun for me to play "Spot the author." A couple times you can see my shirt buttons behind Marjorie's head, other times my full face, or even most of me as we all stand.

Then there's the courthouse steps where we'd all do interviews with family and jurors as they emerged (such interviews are not allowed in the hallways inside the building.) I can be seen in my straw hat, trying to keep my face from being incinerated in the Arizona sun! It's a tricky game, trying to anticipate the moves of a videographer. I'd try to stay out of their shot, but sometimes I guessed completely wrong and, well, there I was.

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