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Monday, June 27, 2011

Casey Anthony Discussion on FaceBook

Please join me on Facebook! We are continuing our Casey Anthony conversation from last night's show on KTAR, including a wee apology from me for something I said on the radio.

We'd love to have you. There are many, many foreign visitors to this blog--would really like to hear how the Casey Anthony case is playing in...Senegal, Ukraine, Iran, the Netherlands, Latvia and all those other fabulously interesting places you all come from. Just click on that link and join in, my page is public. Or friend me and stay around after we move on to the sweat lodge trial (coming up tomorrow/I am attending the trial).

Here's my bad how-could-I-be-that-clumsy moment from last night: I flushed my phone after my visit to the KTAR studios! So all the charming photos I took at KTAR are currently, um, unavailable. If they are ever recovered, I will post them.

If you missed parts of the show last night, let me tell you that top tier defense attorney Michael Kimerer weighed in and sounded very much like even he would have a hard time keeping her out of jail. Michael Kimerer has handled some of the biggest cases you've heard of, including the Baby Gabriel case and the Debra Milke appeals. Hey, if Michael Kimerer thinks your defense is so much phooey, you got problems!

Come on Facebook and tell me what you think......

p.s. click on the tag and see my other posts about Debra Milke and the Swiss documentary in which I appear.

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