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Monday, June 25, 2012

Secret Life of the Soundbites: Bridal to Homicidal

What's it like to be alone with a convicted killer?
In a very, very tiny room?

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You just watched "Bridal to Homicidal" on E! Network.  You heard Marjorie Orbin's voice.

She was talking to me when that tape was recorded.

Listening to those jail tapes as I prepared for the E! show, I remembered there was a lot more this remarkable woman had said to me that had never seen the light of day. I suddenly realized there was now a way I could let you in on that....and at the same time explain why E! needed my tapes.

You saw me, in the white suit, talking to the camera on "Bridal to Homicidal." You also see me here standing next to Marjorie. Why do I look so different in the two images?  I realized I had a chance to explain that, too.  (Hint: it has nothing to do with makeup or lighting)

So what I've done is prepare a special edition True Crime Short specifically to be a companion to the TV shows you see on Marjorie Orbin, especially "Bridal to Homicidal."

This True Crime Short is not a re-hash of what you've already seen on TV or read in my book, WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED.


It contains selected excerpts of interesting things that Marjorie told me on tape that did not make it on TV or into the book.  It is a collection of soundbites that either stand alone or are wrapped up in personal impressions I made at the time. The style is akin to what you might have read in "Reporter's Notebook" sections in your favorite newspaper or TV newschannel, only a lot longer.

What kind of thing you will find in MARJORIE ORBIN AND ME: THE RAW JAIL TAPES ? 

Glad you asked.  Here is the Table of Contents:

I. Marjorie and Camille Meet at Last

II.  Marjorie Talks About Jay

III. Childhood Dreams and Nightmares

IV.  Small Groups of Soundbites by Topic:
On Talking to Me
On Stripping
The Other Husbands
On Friends 
On Work
On Jail and Prison
On Relationships
"Joke's On Me"

V. What We Said to Each Other

And why didn't these soundbites make it into the book or onto TV? Well, I've put the answer inside the True Crime Short.  It is available for your E-reader. The publishing industry is changing and I'm glad to have a convenient and affordable way to bring you bonus material.  This is an experiment for me. Let me know what you think about it.

Hint! Get it before the price goes up!  Just 99 cents right now!

Read a short excerpt by clicking on the post "Facing Marjorie for the First Time."

Pssst! Going to jail, buying documents, and everything else it takes to get this kind of info  for the blog takes time and money! Every time you make a purchase here, it helps me be able to do more for you! 

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