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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bridal to Homicidal Video!

What: One hour E! Network special featuring four brides who turned to homicide...including Marjorie Orbin
When: Monday, June 25
Where: E! Network
Watch this video
...you know you wanna...it's only 10 seconds...go ahead!

 Marjorie Orbin, subject of my book WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED, is seen at least twice in this video. That's her stunning blonde hair near the beginning in the wedding photo. And again with her head down in the little dark police interrogation room. 

I'll be in the show, too. For behind the scenes and what to expect, check out this post: New Show

After working closely with the producers for weeks, I can't wait to see how BRIDAL TO HOMICIDAL turned out. Since you're the kind of person savvy enough to visit this site, I'll let you in on a little secret beforehand. 

First, turn the volume down to "whisper".....

BRIDAL TO HOMICIDAL will be playing soundbites of Marjorie that I recorded myself during my one on one chats with her. Come back here after the show for a special surprise about that!

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