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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Masters of True Crime -- It's Here!

Can't stop reading today....my copy arrived in the mail....and it's gripping!  


So far I've read Katherine Ramsland's tale of an evil woman in Mussolini's Italy who would put the medieval witch in Hansel and Gretel to shame.  Burl Barer's Alaskan story of a pack of siblings whose dreams...carried out in deeds...lead to a jury making up its own charge. Hey! The Burl Barer story, #7, leads right to "The Trophy Wife." Story #8 is written by Camille Kimball.  I admit, I read that, too.  Hint: The trophy wife is not the person you think it would be...

I can't wait to get to Harold Schechter's contribution next, a story which transports us to a high-brow and ritzy neighborhood, into the home of a luminary of the Golden Age of publishing, broadcasting, and academia. 

I realized I better come here first and share the news about this anthology -- that it's finally in a bookstore near you!  Or just click here and get it instantly.
MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME is perfect for when you have an appetite for a good story...and want to consume the whole thing before the laundry buzzer rings or the garage guys finish with your car. Each story is self contained and separate from the others. Sample the writing of seventeen different veterans of the true crime genre as they bring you stories from Britain to Manhattan, from Tennessee to Michigan, from the frozen expanses of Alaska to the prickly heat of Arizona.  

As for Story #8, I have something special planned for you. There have been new developments since that book went to press. Why not get a copy--or give--a copy in time to check back here for the update? I will post the new developments to The Trophy Wife next week. 

Pssst! Going to jail, buying documents, and everything else it takes to get this kind of info  for the blog takes time and money! Every time you make a purchase here, it helps me be able to do more for you! 

Click the "Bookstore" tab above to see or buy the rest of Camille's books


  1. Camille, your MASTERS OF TRUE CRIME tale, "The Trophy Wife," was superb. Especially liked the U of M references, given that I am a MSU alum and loved it when the Spartans beat the Wolverines in football!

    Anyone who enjoys true crime tales will find Camille's story a compelling read, along with the other sixteen tales in anthology!

  2. Thanks, Barri! I am working on getting an update to the story ready which I will post here. In the meantime, I'm also enjoying all the rest of the stories, including yours about the serial killer who seemed to belong in an episode of Ozzie and Harriet--until he started killing.