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Sunday, November 20, 2011

This is the Book About Dale Hausner

Detective Smith being interviewed by Wicked Attraction
Wicked Attraction's "Shoot to Thrill" episode is based on my book, A SUDDEN SHOT.

Here are a couple of snapshots from when the TV crew was in Phoenix filming it.

For more photos, click the FaceBook badge to the right or navigate this site using the Dale Hausner tag.
Serial killer survivor Paul Patrick, Author Camille Kimball, Wicked Attraction crew Darin and Rusty

From the book:

     The blood dripping down was his own, to his astonishment, and now that he saw it, he felt the searing pain. Now he knew the shot had landed on his own body. He had no idea where the shot had come from but he could now see and feel in the dark where it had landed, a confusingly wide swath of his own body--his arm, his back, his torso. He ran through the signage and the shrubs and the cactus, leaving blood the entire way, and staggered in the lobby of the Hotel Radisson...

A Sudden Shot

(click on a title below to buy)
Camille Kimball's books:
**A Sudden Shot** as seen on TV!
Coming soon: Masters of True Crime-Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre

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