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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweat Lodge, James Ray Discussion on KTAR Tonight

ADD: Blogger is chopping off words. Although they appear properly in 'edit' mode, some have disappeared behind the pic of Ray with Larry King. It is supposed to say "By the time of the sweat lodge deaths, Ray was a bona fide celebrity in his industry and well known outside it." Ray was NOT outside the sweat lodge at the time of the deaths--that's why he's in prison now. But blogger is doing some weird formatting conjuring and it appears I cannot fix it. 

Camille, Jay and a big microphone in the KTAR studios
Anxious to share your feelings or ask some questions about the jail sentence just handed down for motivational speaker, James Arthur Ray?  KTAR's Jay Lawrence has invited me into the studio tonight and we welcome your calls. That's Sunday night, November 20, 2011. Jay's show usually starts at 7 pm sharp, but this afternoon KTAR is carrying the Giants vs. Cardinals football game. No one, not even if you have a Secret, can predict exactly when an NFL game will end, so it's impossible to say exactly when Jay's show will start tonight, it might be as late as 7:30 or beyond.

marshWhenever we do start, we will devote the first hour to the horrible story of 3 people who died in a Sedona sweat lodge in 2009 and the man who was held criminally responsible for those deaths, James Ray.

Ray shot to prominence by his appearance in the "New Age" philosophy film, The Secret, and appearances on Oprah and Larry King and with his book, Harmonic Wealth.  By the time of the sweat lodge deaths, Ray was a bona fide celebrity in his industry and well-known a bona fide celebrity in his industry and well-known outside it. But a small town detective and prosecutor brought down his empire. He left the Yavapai County courthouse in the historic Prescott town square in handcuffs and he is now taking his meals on a metal tray with a tin cup. Well, it's probably a fiberglass tray and plastic cup, but it's hard not to fall into frontier lingo when speaking about Prescott

KTAR is 92.3 on the FM dial. It streams live on the internet if you are outside Arizona, and many people interested in this story are. Jay will let you know when it's time to call in.

Later in the evening, Jay and I will take on the other stories of this action packed week. See Jay's KTAR page or his FB page for what's on his mind. Hey, I'm just the passenger, he's driving the thing, let's see where he takes me!  

Hope to hear from you tonight!

GO TO THE KTAR HOME PAGE. TO THE LEFT OF THE RED KTAR LOGO AT TOP CENTER IS A LITTLE BLUE ARROW, JUST 1/4 INCH AWAY. CLICK THAT, A SEPARATE WINDOW OPENS AND VOILA YOU WILL BE STREAMING. CLICK ON 92.3 FM NOT 620 AM.  (it doesn't seem to form a separate link or I would have put it here. it probably does but i'm not techsavvy enough to figure it out)

P.S. Watch me and the rest of the people from the Dale Hausner serial killer case on TV tomorrow morning (Monday). The show is called Wicked Attraction and airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel. 

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