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Friday, November 18, 2011

James Ray Sentence is....

Sentence for James Ray is 2 years for Kirby, 2 for Liz, 2 for James.  CONCURRENT 

ADD: I'm sorry for the craziness of this post. Twitter (still learning all things twit) locked me out the exact moment James Ray was to be sentenced. So I came here and started taking notes as Judge Darrow spoke. But I wanted to post the sentence IMMEDIATELY. You never knew which moment he would pronounce the magic numbers so I just kept at it. I'm leaving up these disjointed notes below, because I think you'd rather have me spend the time putting up a real post. That's coming very soon. Please check back later today. Also, check out the other JAR posts on this site, a lot of explaining about "mitigation" etc. is here. I know it might be done differently in your state and some of this lengthy procedure is confusing.  Thanks for stopping by.

The evidence showed Mr. Ray as misguided as he was believed that he was helping people, says Judge Darrow.

The participants knew the difference between therapists and motivational speakers.

Evidence shows extreme negligence by Ray. When you have suffering and extreme heat, it was not compeltel in my mind simple how they died.

How did smart people ignore common sense?  Doctors, dentists...

What happened on oct had never happened befroe. what had occureed a number of

State has
Mr. Ray did intend to help people, he did.

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