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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catwoman and her Vampire Friends

L-R  Catwoman (Julie Newmar), Angelique, and Josette from Dark Shadows!

 Had a blast being a panelist at the West Hollywood Book Fair Oct 2. When those pics come in, I'll post them. I also had a blast attending other panels.

How super groovy and kitty-creepy is this one?

Julie Newmar, the definitive Catwoman from Batman, with Angelique (Lara Parker) and Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott), original cast members from Dark Shadows (soon to be a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton film).

Parker and Scott told of visiting the set of the new film and being honored by the new cast. They also said they had to sign confidentiality agreements for the projected blockbuster, which they certainly honored, but they appreciated especially a moment in which original Barnabas Collins Jonathan Frid was paid homage on the new set.

Both of these vampire actresses are highly accomplished gals who now write books. They have many projects going but both do write Dark Shadows inspired books.  Angelique was even hired by the publisher Tor to write Dark Shadows franchise books.

Julie Newmar delighted everyone by showing up with her cat ears! At 76, she is still very feline. So feline I began to wonder if she absorbed the character or if the character was written as a vehicle for her feline mannerisms!  She is also very elegant and wins "Best Dressed for an Outdoor Fair." She is very tall and slender and melted so gracefully into the arms of the security crew man who lifted her on to the stage bride-over-the-threshold style.

Miss Newmar, as you can well imagine, has been told by many men that she is the "first crush I ever had." She became intrigued by this and began asking the gentlemen at what age they experienced this?  Her eyes popped wide as she revealed the answers were usually "4 or 5 years old."  This intrigued her further. She learned this early imprint of an "ideal" female often foretold the physical type that will become the man's wife or love. 

She has transformed this byproduct of her job as Iconic Catwoman into a writing project. She has compiled stories of "who was my first crush" and is still looking for more. She would like to hear from you! Both men and women are welcome to write to her at jnewmar (at) verizon.net   For more about Catwoman's "crush" project, visit her website www.julienewmarwrites.com   Tell her the crime writer sent you!

I was a panelist at the West Hollywood Book Fair (Can You Handle the Truth?). But I also visited and thoroughly enjoyed other panels! I will post more photos and tidbits from really cool people soon!

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  2. Alright, so I'm the only one who can comment. Just great. Please find me on Facebook. My personal page is just plain Camille Kimball

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  3. Fun story. What a thrill it must be for an actor to be loved for a role they played years ago.

  4. Thank you, Ken. Miss Newmar certainly seemed to be making the most of it while still fully developing other areas of her life. The same could be said of the two vampire girls who also spoke it out loud in their warm praise for Jonathan Frid's moment on the set of the new Dark Shadows Depp/Burton film.

  5. How often do they have the book fair? Will you be at the next one?

  6. The West Hollywood Book Fair explodes onto the scene every year. The venue is beautiful, the weather is beautiful, everyone there is full of creative ideas. What could be more fun? Will I be there next year, I hope so! Thanks for asking, anon!