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Monday, October 31, 2011

Baseline Killer Completes A Sudden Shot Story

People who read A SUDDEN SHOT often want to know more about the "Baseline Killer" because he was attacking Phoenix at the same time as the Serial Shooter was.  Today, Mark Goudeau has been convicted and can now be officially considered the Baseline Killer.
Composite sketch--Mark Goudeau
This composite sketch, based on survivor accounts, appeared on billboards and newscasts at the same time that the Serial Shooter was also dominating the news. But there was no composite sketch of the Serial Shooter because no one had ever seen him and survived.

Dale Hausner and Sam Dieteman were arrested on August 4, 2006. But the Baseline Killer was still at large for several more weeks.

Sam & Dale, both have dyed hair in this booking photo.

With the conviction of Mark Goudeau, this horrible nightmare has reached a conclusion.  For the hundreds of people affected by these crimes, there will be no "closure." But getting the conviction is an important moment. A feeling of relief descends on the heart. The terrible tension of fearing the monster might escape justice can subside.  
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A Sudden Shot
The story behind the headlines is here...

Mark Goudeau will go into an "aggravation" then a "mitigation" phase before he will receive his sentence. But he is already serving a several hundred year sentence and will undoubtedly get several hundred more.  Expect multiple death penalties, too.

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