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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

E-mail Address

Hark! Do I hear the pitter-patter of email arriving?

Several commenters have asked me for my email address. Because it used to be easy to reach me on Facebook and because I'm not crazy about bots harvesting addresses for their evil spam-the-world mission, I have been slow to put it up on this site. However, FB has changed and so must I.

Please email me at 
a s u d d e n s h o t (at) gmail (dot) com.

Of course, remove the spaces and use the proper symbols.  Many want to share their experiences with James Arthur Ray and I am very interested in listening.  Many post their thoughts right on the blog in the comments section but sometimes you want more privacy. I understand. And I'm waiting to hear from you.

Here's something more interesting to look at than me acting goofy. 

Chuckwalla sunning himself, ignoring the crazy chick in the pink T-shirt

Photos from the desert east of Phoenix.

Camille Kimball's books:
The Mammoth Book of Tough Guys
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