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Friday, September 30, 2011

Stand up....librarian?? You gotta see this!

Add: Hey! I found the standup librarian at the Book Fair. Click here for pics!

Too many good reasons to go to the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, I couldn't post them all. But here's one of the most unusual and looks like one of the most fun!  I support libraries a million percent and if you haven't been to one lately, look what you've been missing out on!
STAND-UP LIBRARIAN created by Meredith Myers

LOS ANGELES (September 29, 2011) – “So a comedian walks into a library and decides to work there…”  Stand-Up Librarian Meredith Myers will be the closing performer at the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, October 2nd at 5:25pm on the Theater Stage in the West Hollywood Library Community Room at the new West Hollywood Public Library, 647 North Vicente Boulevard.  The event and parking are free to the public.
Myers will perform an all-ages literary comedy show…at the library! No cover charge or 2-drink minimum required.  A cross between Pippi Longstocking and Sandra Bernhard, Myers entertains while educates about the importance of libraries as she addresses everything from the Dewey Decimal System to Harry Potter, and her adventures in librarianship!
Myers has a Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences and has been performing stand-up comedy since 2002 after checking out a comedy book from her local library. Binding her experiences in comedy and libraries, Myers created www.StandUpLibrarian.com in an effort to showcase how varied, fun, and vital libraries are to our current society and intends to bring an awareness to the often stereotyped library field revealing that librarians are as diverse as the libraries themselves.  Through interviews with experts and authors, tours of unique libraries across the country, library and literary-specific stand-up performances and sketches, not to mention plenty of book recommendations, Myers’ unique perspective and humor is perhaps just what libraries need in a tough economic time where city budgets seem quick to eliminate them or reduce staffing.
See you Sunday! I'll be on the Can You Handle the Truth? panel in the Mystery Pavilion in the morning. I certainly hope to meet you and talk murder!

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