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Monday, September 7, 2009

Supersleuths Sign!

The people of Tolleson/Avondale/Litchfield Park kept ace Serial Shooter detectives Cliff Jewell and Ron Rock busy signing books on Sunday afternoon at Borders. The Chief of Police came by (I insisted on a raise for Ron!).

What a great delight it is for me to introduce these hard working detectives directly to the community who wants to shake their hands and thank them. (I tear up just writing that.)

But if it's possible to be more emotional, it's when the three of us recognize a surviving family member come through the doors. Citizens want to give them hugs of comfort and these are graciously accepted.

People sometimes ask me if it's hard for the families to read the book.

Let me tell you---the families already know what they've been through.

They've mostly gone through it alone. To feel the good wishes from their fellow citizens, hugs and handshakes that tell them, "you're not alone, your loved one will not be forgotten, your pain means something to me," does them a WORLD of good.

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