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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hollywood and candy, what else do you want?

Please join us Friday afternoon in Hollywood at Chevalier's Bookstore.

I'll bring yummy Arizona style treats from famed confectioner Cerreta's (treats are on me!)

I will also give away a copy of the book signed by detectives and survivors (I'll sign it myself, too, if you make me).

These are people you want to meet...and you will find them in the pages of A Sudden Shot: the Phoenix Serial Shooter.

"This is a superb book. For those of us who didn't live in Phoenix during the time of the Serial Shooter, the book takes us right there - we feel the terror, we feel the horror of hearing a gunshot and finding a neighbor, a friend, a pet shot.

I absolutely adored this book and can not recommend it high enough."
--Shauna Nelson, Amazon reviewer

"Hi Camille, I just finished reading your book today (couldn't put it down!). I'm in awe of the mountains of research you must have done to accomplish such an outstanding read. Your book made me realize suddenly why I write true crime--to inspire and to tell an amazing story that no one else has the guts to reveal. I'm sure it was gratifying and rewarding to see how much your book touched the lives of the surviving victims and paid tribute to the ones whose lives were lost."
--Kerrie Droban, author bestseller Running with the Devil

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  1. Camille other than YouTube, I also uploaded it on Vimeo. Have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks, Bill. Sure loved having you! I've never heard of Vimeo. I'll have to check it out. I'm very flattered by all your efforts in my behalf. Thanks so much for driving to Hollywood!