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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Couldn't be happier

Filled up the Poisoned Pen Saturday with eager citizens oohing and ahing over "my" guys!

Shotgun survivor Paul Patrick mustered the strength to attend....and this time brought me chocolate! I was too greedy to share and will be gobbling it down myself at home. Paul's presence left everyone in awe of him.

Phx PD Officer Darren Burch blushed a little as we made him come up front. I was beside myself to be able to show him off. When you read the book, you'll see what his quick thinking was able to do with a rubber shoe in a life and death moment. If you've already read the book, I know you're oohing and ahing right now--yes, the rubber shoe guy! We even convinced Darren to join the "assembly line" we had set up and sign autographs.

Homicide Detectives Cliff Jewell and Ron Rock autograph books, author Kimball signing, center

Homicide Detective Cliff Jewell brought his private photos and tidbits. The crowd forgot I existed as he took over and gave the inside view of the case. I couldn't be happier!

We even grabbed a big imaginary shepherd's hook and pulled Tolleson Detective Ron Rock up to the front and before he could stop himself, he was taking questions, too.

Our Henry Ford style signature factory started with me (who doesn't count, at all), then people moved on to Ron Rock, then to Cliff Jewell, then to Paul Patrick (who only has one very damaged hand to do this with) then finished up with Darren Burch. That's a whole pack of heroes for less than 8 bucks! Can you really afford to miss one of these events? ;)

If you were there, please send in your photos to asuddenshot at gmail.com so I can post them! If you make hard copies, write me there and I'll give you an address to mail them and I'll put them in the big scrap book for the next event.

And thanks again to Paul for the chocolate! I did put out Cerreta's Jumping Cholla taffy--which everyone loved!--for everybody else, but I had to hoard Paul's gift for myself!

P.S. (next stop, West Valley, check list at right)
P.P.S. ( a wee confession: Paul, I'm having chocolate truffles for breakfast!)

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