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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New TV Show on Investigation Discovery--Scorned!

ADD: Air Date is Today February 25!   10pm Eastern on ID

When they came to town, it was scorching summer. Now it's Chamber of Commerce winter weather in Phoenix and the TV crew launching a new series on Investigation Discovery is ready to roll out a brand new series!   The show is called Scorned.  The first episode airs Saturday night, January 21st 2012. 

When they came to Phoenix in the summertime, they wanted to know all about Marjorie Orbin. That episode will air soon. The lighting they used on their shoot when they were filming me was so atmospheric and spooky, I think I ended up looking like a scary character myself! They ordered me not to smile and after hours under the kleig lights, I looked rather cross-eyed and ominous as I glare directly into the lens. See the insert of me below: I wouldn't wanna meet her in a dark alley!

I'll let you know as soon as we hear the airdate for this episode. I wonder what I had to say?

Watch for the Marjorie Orbin episode coming soon!
In the meantime, why not try out the show?  Your first chance comes up Saturday night! Snuggle in with a cup of cocoa, glass of wine, or bowl of popcorn and see what ID has cooked up for you now.

Hey! Before "my" episode airs, why not get a copy of the book, What She Always Wanted? Wouldn't it be great to have that in your hand, flip through the pages, while you watch us on TV? Read it beforehand and judge for yourself how the TV show matches up to the real story!

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  1. Ok, Camille, you are sucha great sales person, and I'm sucha fan of true crime that I bought "What she Always Wanted". Love to read about things in my area, too. I find the psychology of it all so fascinating. I have auto-tuned ID's new series and can't wait for "your" episode. Do I get an autographed copy now??? :-) Thanks! -Jane

  2. Awww! Thanks so much! The psychology of murder is one of the most profound questions confronting humanity, something we've been struggling with since Cain slew Abel. It's very natural for you to be fascinated. Glad you found me!