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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Season's Greetings from the American Southwest

Many people visit this site from all over the world--from Russsia, from England, from Malaysia, from Brazil, from Sweden, from Israel, from France, from Canada, from China, from Germany, and from so many more.  Thank you all for dropping in!  I am happy to give you insights into crime...and glimpses of uniquely American life as it unfolds in the Southwest.

Greg and Jennifer Bahe and their children, from Chinle, happily posed for this photo to wish you all the best of the season.
Tumbleweed Snowman and the Bahe Family send out holiday cheer across the world!

Chinle is in northern Arizona, in the Navajo Nation. It does snow up here, but water as a commodity is scarce, so in large swaths of Navajo country the lush snow drifts required for winter playland decor never form. Never fear! Ingenuity and tumbleweeds to the rescue!

I felt our international visitors as well as the many Americans who never see this part of the country  outside of a John Wayne flick would enjoy this vision of good cheer. John Wayne, in fact, did shoot many of his movies in Navajoland and many families up here have relics, mementoes and lore from when Uncle Joe or Grampa rode into movie history at the direction of John Ford and did a scene with the Duke.

Happy 2012 everyone!  Thank you for visiting this site and may you one day be able to see the wonders of the Painted Desert, Monument Valley, the Window Rock and so much more for yourself!

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