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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jeff Ashton's Book Cover

Looks like publisher HarperCollins scrambled through the weekend to get a cover together for the Jeff Ashton book.  Here it is.

I knew it would have photos of the two of them, fascinating antagonists that they are: the scholarly, science-boy jurist at the end of his highly accomplished career and the confabulating high school dropout club-maven just embarking on life.  Their images are famous enough to carry the book cover through (although I wouldn't be surprised to see the design change again before publication. See "crashing a book" post below) though the design is simple and I know he will get great sales.

Authors do obsess about their book covers and this is a moment for me to say I confess the team at Penguin did a better job on mine. She* is famous (see 48 Hours: Diary of a Showgirl, and ID Deadly Women) but my cover, in my humble opinion, is more artistic, more intriguing.

*"She" = Marjorie Orbin, convicted dismemberment killer

FAQ: Is that really Marjorie Orbin on the cover? (scroll down half a tic to see)
Answer: Certainly! That photo was taken at the Maricopa County Jail while Marjorie talked to me. I am sitting just inches from her, on the freedom side of the steel grid. You can see both of us at the same grid here and compare to cover. Many more pics related to Marjorie Orbin on this site. Just click the tag below.

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