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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

#JodiArias -- The Trial Continues

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  As of breakfast time in Arizona, Twitter is down. So I'm posting a little message here to let everybody know that I will be back inside the Jodi Arias courtroom this morning as the prosecution's rebuttal case continues. 

I'm sure Twitter will be back up by then, @CamilleKimball. Court starts at 9:30 am Arizona time.   If you are watching on TV or live stream, I sit on the prosecution side in the media section. That's 2 or more rows back from the Alexander family.  

I tweet the little details that you don't see on camera and my insights as an award winning True Crime author as well as the courtroom action.  

In the off-chance that Twitter remains down after court starts, I'll come back and post something new here about the trial's action.

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