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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Camille Kimball at the Jodi Arias Trial - Inside the Courtroom

If you have just found me on Twitter because you are following the Jodi Arias trial, I sure want to welcome you.

Today in court (April 24, 2013) I was answering your tweets when Twitter rapped my knuckles with a ruler and cut me off for the day.

Kat Johnson @Torontoblonde kindly tweeted out for me that I had been silenced, since I was unable to.

Many of you were asking if the jury had left at some point. Yes! They had left at 3:22 pm Arizona time when I tweeted "Nurmi closes with a bit of an insult to Flores. Jury leaves"

My next tweet confused a lot of people, "We're done."  Yup, it was a lousy tweet, sorry friends! Sometimes, especially while I'm typing on a laptop while standing, clarity takes a hit in the name of brevity. What I was trying to convey was that as soon as the jury left, the judge called a general recess and summoned the attorneys back into chambers. Jodi herself went, as well as two of Travis's siblings. Then we all waited for a long, long time. Nothing was going on. But, in a tweet time stamped 3:54, I announced Valerie the bailiff came to the railing edge of the gallery and told us all court was done for the day. So the jury did not wait during that long in-chambers session. They had left as of 3:22. Sory for the confusion and very sorry Twitter cut me off from explaining!

Camille Kimball tweeting from Jodi Arias courtroom, Beth Karas and Grace Wong in last row, Alexander family in front row

 This screen grab was provided to me by one of my classic twittles who, at the time, was undoubtedly a new twittle. Got many new followers yesterday, so I'm posting this photo here. There is a lot of curiosity - am I really inside the courtroom? what do I look like? where do I sit? That's me with the purple scarf. Hopefully this photo will help all the newbies and I will be able to do better at staying under the Twitter limit. Also, I encourage all of you to leave some of your questions here in the comment trail below where I can answer freely without the Twitter police breathing down my neck.

Jodi was still in the courtroom as the clock turned 4 pm. Many of you wanted to hear if she looked pleased or upset. But the court staff kicked me out at that moment. We had just been asked to rise (all, um, 2 of us, I think) because Judge Stephens had returned to her bench. But within seconds, nothing happened but the staff telling me I had to leave the room mid-tweet. I had to finish the tweet out in the hall with Jodi still inside with her team.  Grrr!

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Enjoy your factual, first-hand tweets from the courtroom.

  2. Thank you so much. I do my best, tweeting on the fly can create some tangled fingers, but I sure appreciate your support and patience!

  3. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us informed. I was thriled to find you on Twitter! Thanks again, Camille!

  4. I am in a chatroom during the trial and pass along your tweets to my friends in the room who are twitter impaired. We all love your live info! Thank you Camille.

  5. I'm thrilled you found me, too, Deanna! Anon, that's great. I hope that when you post my tweets, you also put up a link to this site. Thanks for your kind comments.