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Saturday, September 1, 2012

MIke Murdaugh Update -- Love Me Tenderizer

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Inmate 162753 M MURDAUGH Image
Inmate 162753

This is the real Mike Murdaugh of Wittman, Arizona. If you werent' terrified by Mike on Wicked Attraction's Love Me Tenderizer episode, you should be.  This hideous specimen delighted in beating and terrorizing and psychologically battering everyone he could, human or otherwise. He had the entire town of Wittman in his hip pocket, thanks to his brutalizing ways. Mike also used a "carrot" along with all his great big sticks: he provided drugs to people he wanted to control. 

Inmate 162546 R ROHRS Image
As for Becky, it's important to point out that at the gas station where she first met the 2nd victim, not only did the man give her his number, she gave him hers.  Becky could hardly have been offended by his interest in her or in the slightest bit frightened of him.  Too bad the man, given the state name of Miller in the show, could not foresee that he should be afraid of her. 

There is no question that Becky deliberately lured the man to his awful death. Although she told police over and over that she told Mike about the incident at the gas station out of fear that he would find out from witnesses (such as the cashier, since everyone in Wittman really was in Murdaugh's pocket) anyway and she would be punished if she did not disclose it first, during the days that followed, Becky had a romantic encounter with another stranger from a bar. She seemed to have lost all her fear of him when she went home with the second guy. 

For all his brawn and bluster, once apprehended Mike Murdaugh started confessing right away. To both murders. After all the horrible wounds he had inflicted on others, what drove Murdaugh into the arms of authorities? He cut himself pretty bad during the dismemberment of the plumber and sought medical help.  

After a few years rotting in an Arizona jail while lawyers dickered, Murdaugh told the court we wanted to "spare the victim's families and his own family" the trauma of a trial. So out of this great well of compassion in his heart, Mike Murdaugh pled guilty. I guess he left that compassion under the bunk the day he threw his own feces at prison guards during that time. 

Murdaugh is now on Death Row. 

Becky also pled out. She will be released in 2017.   She does not face execution.

Inmate 164447 J DEZARN Image
"Woody" Dezarn held the other firearm on a night of terror
The other accomplices, who go by pseudonyms in the show, entered Guilty please as well. The man who helped Murdaugh hold the plumber at gunpoint all night is serving a sentence in excess of 15 years but was released in summer of 2011. 

Inmate 133865 B GROSS Image
Betty Gross helped entice a plumber to his death, robbed his van
The other woman, who actively helped entice the plumber to Murdaugh's home (more so than was shown in the episode due to time constraints) pled guilty and received the lightest sentence of the four. She left prison in late 2003. 

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  1. Great job Camille. Very interesting article.

    P.S. Your a beautiful woman. :)

  2. How very kind of you. Thank you very much.

  3. Are you kidding me?... of course the two women get the lightest sentences. Only here, in this ignorant, inept, wimpy, hypocritical, sexist, moronic, and severely lacking in common sense country can that happen. What i really can't even begin to fathom, however, is why that evil cunt Becky is ever being released. It says in the explanations above that "she won't face execution"...really, yeah well she doesn't have to face much of anything at all as she's being RELEASED in 2017. What dipwad pussy prosecutor and judge came close to even THINKING of a plea deal like this for that perverted bitch, let alone actually having it fly. Like i said, only here....

  4. The two women did not get the lesser sentences. Betty Gross, who was the most peripherally involved got out first. Jesse Dezarn got out in 2011, while Becky Rohrs isn't out yet. Michael Murdaugh, fortunately, will never get out. I have my on problem with Dezarn and Rohrs getting out period, but the sentences were given in accordance to their involvement with the crime, not by their sex.

    Thanks, Camille, for your work.

    1. They did recieve lighter sentences for their testimony! It is called "making a deal"! This DA should be fired because like so many other DA"s they deal with the devil so they don't have a "LOSS" on their records! Their career is more important than actually protecting the community ! The case against Becky and the others would have been an effort but the risk was not worth it to him! Due to the DA's desire to protect his record of success vs. failure ,we will have at least two murderers out on the streets.These DA's who fail to prosecute by claiming "it is better that the criminal due some jail time than walk away" obviously have never had a close family member murdered.I have.My father was murdered.The thought that Becky Rohrs will be out and free is chilling.She should be laying right beside her lover in the death chamber! But since she made a deal with the DA she will be free with a new identity and location ,courtesy of our tax dollars! That is what our great government does for the scum of our society. Just a word of warning,be careful with whom you allow into your life-it might be a Becky Rohrs or a Mike Murdaugh!

  5. I know these people, Im from wittmann az and I went to school with Michael Murdaugh's son Matt.

  6. Hmmmm and on the show, the pictures show my sons bike, my vehicle, and no one warned us that anyone wad airing this episode in our local area for my kid to go to school and hear his friends talk about his grandpa. Thanks, now he has nightmares, you'd think there were enough crime scene photos from a poor broke, drug addicted man who killed two ppl and left a trail of evidence. Kept the town in his pocket? Ha, dramatic words, not based in reality, more like a gdrug addicted man with a severe brain injury that had destroyed his family and W's in a downward spiral that ended in murder, see sensational yet true. Amazing how you twist a simple sad story into a bunch of lies.

  7. He was a very scary man to live by. He use to watch my house, drive by and park out front and stare. Came to my door with a gun, I never opened the door, but threatened him with a 357 (which by the way, did not have one in the house) and he got a restraining order on me, yet he was in my yard with gun. I was afraid for my family, so we finally had to move.

  8. Thanks for these glimpses into life in a small town with such a personality looming so large. I appreciate these details, they paint a very vivid pictures. Thanks, everyone.

  9. Seems like a coward to me. Beats women, killing unsuspecting men. I am sure if the men had not been ambushed, they would have had a decent chance of beating this punks ass. JMO...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit agreed on Friday July 26, 2013, to vacate Michael Murdaugh's death sentence and remanded the case for a new sentencing hearing.
      "We conclude that the absence of a jury at the sentencing stage had a 'substantial and injurious effect or influence' on Murdaugh's sentence of death," Judge Dorothy Nelson wrote for the San Francisco-based appeals court.
      "The expert reports, though not drafted for the purpose of mitigation, provided some details about Murdaugh's chronic drug use, which a jury might have found established drug impairment," Nelson added. "Because a jury could have found that a preponderance of the evidence supported the (G)(1) mitigating factor, and voted for leniency on that basis, the Ring error was prejudicial. We must grant the habeas petition."

  11. This planet will be a better place when they put this sick dog to sleep.
    As for his nasty girlfriend, karma is a beach, she will pay for this !

  12. I was 18 years old I lived a crust the street from mike he always offered me a job building freezers my feather told me to stay a way from him he is trouble I would walk home from school on 204 drive right by his house he would watch me from the rood one day mike came to my house sliding in my drive way my old man was in the front yard his name was rocky Tisnado my old man was a x boxer he told my old man that your son was look in my windows at my wife my feather told him to get back in his truck and go home before you get nock out so mike went home my old man told me watch that man he got it out for you so years went by I got marred my wife's mouther boy friend had a party we had a bonfire I was in town getting beer I finale get to the party and I see mike he walks up to me and he push me and sad you were looking in my windows I sad your drunk he slaps me so I hit him in the jaw and done he went he got up and staged to his Truck to get something but it was my stepfather party so LEE pull a gun on mike seed to leave and that was the last time I seen mike my name is Matthew tisnado

  13. The 2nd victim was my boyfriends uncle. Its scary that any of them are even out

  14. i was here in wittmann when this happened mike had once told my sister she didnt have to worry but if i was in wrong place he couldnt say what would happen to me mike didnt have all in his pocket i never liked him from day 1 and i never let him determine where i went hes just a lowlife blame drugs if u want many ppl do drugs and dont go killing innocent ppl he tried talking to me in bar 1 night looking for someone i ask y would u b talking to me and walked away he always wore a gun but a bigger coward ive not seen 1 he deserves what he gets

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.