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Friday, September 28, 2012

Camille...a True Crime Hottie????!!!

Burl Barer is a scary outlaw who wields a wicked...keyboard.  An acclaimed writer whose life veers dizzyingly between fiction and non-fiction, mashing the two together with his use of real and non-real names in the opposite genres like literary bumper cars, Burl has dared me to come on his radio show!

Burl Barer, ImaginePublicity

Let's hope I can hold my own as I am now officially designated a True Crime Hottie!  Holy smokes, did I just say that? I promise, I'm just quoting Burl! My debut is tomorrow (Sat. Sep 29th, 2012) at 2 pm Pacific, 5 pm Eastern.  Here's the link with the details...and the spot to listen in. http://outlawcrime.com/

Burl and I are officially colleagues by both appearing in the true crime anthology Masters of True Crime. 

I've read Burl's story in this collection. His is #7, The Alaska Mail-Bomb conspiracy. Boy, can this guy write. I dare you to read the first paragraph (his story starts on page 97) and not be hooked.

You might be so in the mood for true crime by the time he's done with you, you'll just be swept along into reading story #8, The Trophy Wife, right after. **darts eyes around slyly**   Hey, Burl, does that make you my opening act?!

I can't believe I said that, either!  Burl just brings out the ornery in me. See, I can't match the guy in wit, I'm gettin' all jittery, what to do???!!!

In all seriousness, I am very honored to be included in the same collection as this very fine and highly accomplished writer. I am thrilled that he has invited me on his show. And I'm definitely quaking at the knees to face him on the radio!

Will he ask me about the no-body case that I wrote about in Masters of True Crime? 

 Or will he hit me up on the trial I'm currently attending (also a no-body case--see posts on #ElizabethJohnson #BabyGabriel)? 

Or will he take me down the trail of Hollywood, screenplays, and the nitty-gritty of Writing For a Living?

Hey, why not download a kindle copy of Masters of True Crime and have questions ready for us?


Hope to hear from you...on Outlaw Crime Radio!

For your convenience, a sampling of other books by Burl Barer. Click to buy:

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