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Monday, December 5, 2011

Stocking Stuffers Under Ten Bucks

Got a lotta people on your list? Trying to stretch the greenbacks? A gen-u-wine Camille Kimball costs less than ten bucks! What could be easier than slipping one of these books into someone's stocking hung by the chimney with care?

Baseline Killer Mark Goudeau was just sentenced for crimes committed in "The Year of the Serial Killers." But he's barely half the story! Find out what really happened that year. Give a copy of A SUDDEN SHOT to someone and borrow it back from them. Just $7.99 at any bookseller including Target.com, Wal-Mart.com, Barnes and Noble, BooksaMillion and Amazon, to name a few. Each book is available on Kindle, nook, or any of the e-readers. (Click to buy at bottom of post, also to right and very bottom of page--or just google my name plus your favorite bookseller!)

Blonde bombshell Marjorie Orbin was very proud of her svelte figure but not of her portly husband. Find out just how handy she is with electric saws...in WHAT SHE ALWAYS WANTED. Look for the red book in the center. She's on 48 Hours, Investigation Discovery and basically all over TV. Don't you want to find out the story behind the story?  Also, just $7.99. You've had Grande EggNog-accinos that cost more!

The Mammoth Book of Tough Guys is for the reader who wants to nibble on one short story at a time. Especially good for the tough guy who lives in your house. Ok, so the MAMMOTH BOOK OF TOUGH GUYS isn't under 10 bucks but only by a hair. Amazon has it right now for $11.18.  What man doesn't want to curl up on a cold winter's night with a big book of testosterone affirming tales? 

After you've read these books, come back to this site and browse around looking for the extra photos, updates, and materials, like Marjorie's love letter, unedited and unabridged!  A gen-u-wine Camille Kimball is a gift that keeps on giving, well after you've read the last page!


(click on a title below to buy)
Camille Kimball's books:
                 **A Sudden Shot** as seen on TV!
Coming soon: Masters of True Crime-Chilling Stories of Murder and the Macabre

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