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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch Us on TV

Dale Hausner and Sam Dieteman caused a lot of misery in Phoenix in 2005/2006. But stories of heroism emerged out of the darkness. If you want to see these people on camera, flick on Wicked Attraction Saturday April 2. Here's the show's schedule. Check your local listings for exact times and to find where Investigation Discovery appears on your menu. The episode is called "Shoot to Thrill."

The book it is based on is A SUDDEN SHOT: THE PHOENIX SERIAL SHOOTER. If you want to find out more about the people you see on TV this weekend, the book is available here (Amazon) or at any online bookseller or at your local bookstore.

Rebecca Estrada being interviewed. Director Darin Wales at right.
Detective Darrel Smith is inside the car at the wheel in the blue shirt. Videographer Jean-Guy rolling cam while Darrel re-enacts surveillance of the suspects. Director Darin in foreground.

Buddy the burro behaved beautifully for the cameras! Too bad he ended up on the cutting room floor! If you want to know Buddy's story, you can find it in the book, though. Detective Ron Rock in the orange shirt in the foreground. He worked on Buddy's case as well as several others, including the son of Rebecca Estrada.

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