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Monday, March 21, 2011

Every Little Triumph

What with one thing and another--losing his physical therapist, heart attack, etc.--Paul has not walked for months.

Until today!

With the help and encouragement of a friend, Paul got up and powered forward Sunday afternoon.

I was in the room and the experience nearly gave me a heart attack. But Paul was elated.

Why was I so scared? Well, with dozens of shotgun pellets still wandering around his body causing one serious problem after another, walking--not to mention maintaining upright balance--is a huge challenge and a lot could go wrong. Sweating and panting, he triumphed over damaged muscles, dead nerves, brain injury and gravity. Oh, and terror. His and mine! He did not fall. That's our guy.

Paul survived the attack of the Serial Shooter in 2006. He has been near death many times but he always snaps back. His story is told in A Sudden Shot: the Phoenix Serial Shooter. You can find him on the A Sudden Shot page on FB (link at right). He loves messages of support and encouragement and continues to inspire thousands of readers across the globe.

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