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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let her eat cake...please!

One day I wandered into a tiny purple building. When I opened the car door in the parking lot, my senses pulled me forward, like Fred Flintsone bent from the hips, nose twitching in the lead. The most scrumptious smell in the world was wafting out into the asphalt. I pulled open the inauspicious door and the full force of the deliciosity hit me in the face. He doesn't have to feed anyone, Stacy Phipps could charge people admission just to breathe that air.

Both Bon Appetit Magazine and TLC Network have named him one of the Top 10 Barbecue restaurants in the country. The barbecue speaks for itself, as these rankings show. But his sidedishes from potato salad to fried pickles each is a showcase of Stacy's commitment to offering something special, something you can't find anywhere else.

One day I tried the come-hither Red Velvet Cake. Oh. My. Let me tell you, it took me a long time to try the cake because I DON'T LIKE CAKE! No matter how pretty it is, it never lives up to its promise in my experience. EXCEPT THIS TIME. Stacy's cake is so tender you almost want to apologize to the crumbs for bruising their delicate little selves.

I knew I had to have this cake for the launch of my next book. I was distraught when Stacy told me he didn't cater the baked goods. I was so pitiful at this news, Stacy called me and said, "I'ma get you a cake down there."

And, boy, did he!

I tried to be demure at first...but that Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and pecans was calling my name!

I mean, look at this thing!

I did my presentation for What She's Always Wanted: A True Story of Marriage, Greed and Murder and then it was, look out, anyone who gets between me and that cake!

Thanks for this special gift from Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ. Give yourself a present and find the little purple building at 16th Street and Indian School in Phoenix. If you are a foodie, this BBQ and this cake are worth a plane ticket here. Just ask Bon Appetit or TLC!

Hey, I love this food so much you can even find me in the TLC show featuring Stacy. It's called Best Foods Ever and is narrated by actor John Goodman. Yup, that's me snurfing up the yummies and telling the camera all about it!

I state loudly that I am not a foodie. So why should you trust my opinion? Because how high does the yumminess factor have to be to get a Philistine like me to shout from the rooftops? That's why! It's hard to beat the thrill I get when someone tells me they are not normally a reader but they couldn't put one of my books down. I think it must be the same way with chefs. Not much of an eater, but for Stacy's food I would sideswipe your car and throw marbles in your path to beat you there. Thank you, Stacy!

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