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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Never Any Worries - Crime Writer talks Jodi Arias to KPNX

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Jodi Arias to Fox 10's Troy Hayden after her 1st degree murder conviction: "I think death is the ultimate freedom and I'd rather just my freedom as soon as I can get it."

Jodi, I think you'll finally get your wish. And very soon. (at least the sentence-the actual execution will take very long)

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Many people, including some quite famous ones, were extremely nervous about the length of time that the Jodi Arias was taking in deliberations. I was not. To prove it, here's the TV interview I gave the night before the verdict actually did come in. I believe the jurors did exactly what I said they'd be doing.....

 I spoke with Mark Curtis again the next day from the courthouse steps shortly after Jodi Arias was convicted of first degree murder. I'll post that too if they put it up.

Jodi Arias found it easy to take a human life. 12 jurors did not. They took their time in reviewing their options. The final vote was a total of 12 for pre-meditation and another 7 found she also committed felony murder. Some of the time in the jury room may have been spent trying to get a unanimous triple play. But in the end they decided having 12 votes plus an extra 7 sent a strong enough message.


Please join me for the final phases of the trial as I tweet live from inside the Jodi Arias courtroom.
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  1. Camille
    I was not really worried. I felt like they would come back with the right verdict. I had others saying there was a holdout. I do not believe there was a holdout at all. I think they were just trying to figure premed and felony. I applaud this jury for taking their time. I really do. They seemed from the beginning with their questions to really be taking it seriously and their questions were good questions. I know some have said it is hard to put a woman to death. I'm one of them. However in this case I think they will put her to death. Jodi Arias is not mentally ill. She is just pure evil. I'm very happy with this verdict and I applaud the Alexander family for their courage, class, grace and strength. They have suffered so much and the day the verdict was read I had tears of joy. It was good to see Samantha smile...all of them smile. There will never be closure but there will be justice. Thank you Camille for your hard work. I discovered you via twitter during the Elizabeth Johnson trial and am now a fan of yours. Have a great weekend! See you on twitter next week!

  2. Thank you so much, Jessica! Glad to have you! BTW, I've tried to find out when Elizabeth Johnson trial will air - they keep telling me "soon."